Light Of Consciousness Courses

What Classes Are Currently Being Offered?

What Are The Light Of Consciousness Programs?

These programs are designed for self-realization and spiritual healing. They help participants explore consciousness, sinking into their essential nature, and dispelling unwanted energy through Sacred Sound Transmission. 

These are evolutionary programs, constantly evolving as the Mystery takes us into ever deeper waters of cohesion, understandings of the nature of our selves, and the fields of unity pervading All Life.

Both the Wisdom of the Guides and Elders, and the profound transformative insight experienced during the Sacred Sound Transmissions, all add to the integrity and quality of these program offerings. There is well over 40 years of experience, 30 years of practice, and 20 years of teaching in which these programs are based, combining the deep wisdom of Living Traditions with the incredible guidance brought through the gnosis of direct realization, and the experiences revealed on the other side of normal consciousness experiences.

We hope you will take time to experience the work, as it takes us to realms beyond language and cognition. Language and cognition, while may give glimpses of understanding, cannot give the incredible richness which the immersion of oneself in the direct experience of the Great Mystery can give. We invite you into that work.

Who Are These Programs Designed For?

These programs are designed as a pathway into Zacciah's Advanced Studies, and are appropriate for anyone wanting to join his Advanced work. The programs also give participants skills, understanding and practices for self-realization. They are beneficial for those who are looking for deeper understanding both into the nature of healing, and who we are in relationship to the Cosmos. The understandings and practices here can be applied to therapeutic work with sound as well.

Program Pre-Requisites

The entry level program, The Nature Of Healing And Transformation, is open to all participants.

For the intermediate level program, The Light Of Wisdom, you must have joined one of the following:

· any prior Advanced Series work

· a minimum of two weekend practices

· 1 four day training in The Foundations Of Sound Healing

· the “Nature of Healing and Transformation” practice

Advanced Classes

After the intermediate Light Of Wisdom series, students may enter Zacciah's Advanced Classes, which is his highest level of his work, working directly with earth energies and assisting in both personal and global self-realization. 

Quotes From Prior Participants

”Life Transforming,”

“Deeply moving and Healing”
"There simply are not words adequate to translate the experience.
One must experience it for oneself."

'Zacciah gives deep and real insight, clear understanding, with joy,
and humor, and with the wisdom to incorporate these practices into every day living.'