Dorothy Stone's Custom Painted Medicine Drums

Dorothy Stone has been developing her painting styles through decades of work with numerous artistic modalities. Dorothy's drum painting are incredible works of art, that seem to be living on the drum. She can paint nearly anything you can imagine on the drum of your choice and can work personally with you to design and create a unique drum to reflect your own medicine  or vision, using your image, design, or ideas. According to her methodology, she interacts not only with your vision but the medicine of the vision in the creation of the painting. She will enhance your drum with unique paintings which can be matched to the styles and images here, or to your own commissioned submissions, made to your specifications. 

The price of her custom designs vary between $150-300. Please contact us to speak directly to Dorothy about your vision, and she can give you a price. Painting images can be added to ANY of our frame drums, and typically require a 2-4 week waiting period to complete.  Payment is required before she begins your drum.

Selections From Dorothy's Portfolio


img-0491.jpeg img-1823.jpg
img-1518.jpg bear-drum-photo.jpg
img-0826-r.jpg img-1925-r.jpg
img-0845-r.jpg img-0936-r.jpg
img-1120-r.jpg img-0198-r.jpg
img-1856-r.jpg img-1126.jpeg
img-1933-r.jpg img-0752.jpeg
img-2070.jpg img-1090-r.jpg