Sunreed's Traditional Native American Drums

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119 Results (See Below)

119 Results (See Below)

Authentic Native American Drums, made traditionally in line with the medicine of the animal, offered with prayerful intention. Traditions world wide honor the shamanic, hoop, or frame drum as an instrument to honor the heart beat of the Earth and the harmony of life, to gather the People, to invoke and to engage in qualities of spiritual knowing and integrity, to heal, and to honor the cycles and unity of life.

Sunreed's Traditional Native American frame drums are handmade by a Maidu Native American shamanic drum maker. We have had the privilege to sell his drums for over 10 years. These are the best we have ever found for quality of sound, strength and durability. Our maker apprenticed with a Lakota maker, and makes his drums in the Lakota/Plains style of traditional hoop or frame drums, which includes the traditional four directional lacing of the drum, which is easy and comfortable to hold for a long time. Each drum is made in prayerful intentional in consideration of the medicine of the hide. He handcrafts these beautiful, shamanic/medicine drums to withstand the rigors of long and intentional use. They are laced very tight, and are full wrapped which allows them to be played in a greater range of environmental conditions without going flat or cracking from dryness. These drums by far hold their tone longer in humid conditions than any other drums we have played, and are truly made to last.


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We recommend the 16-18" Elk or Buffalo as excellent starting choices though one should consider any 'medicine' connection to the animal totem of your choice. 16" is great for smaller framed or petite individuals, who still want a strong bass note. The 18" is a little heavier, but offers a more full and complete voice to the drum, which most adults love. The larger drums will give even deeper resonance, but can be heavy for smaller framed persons to hold for lengthy periods of time. For most young children, consider a 12-14" drum for ease of play. The 10" drum is lighter and offers a tight, very high voice. Most adults prefer the deeper voice of the 16-18" drums.

Ethically Sourced: The animals that are used to make our drums are used as medicine within the tradition of our drum maker. The animals are honored for their time on earth, and the benefit they bring to those using the drum. The hides are ethically sourced. For example, our horse hides come from horses who have died of natural causes. All of the animals were either wild, or have not been raise in confined spaces, nor tortured, nor were part of a slaughterhouse operation. The animals have all lived with space and freedom.