What Is The Sacred Feminine

What Is The Sacred Feminine?

The nature of the Cosmos, the very nature of Creation, in culture upon culture worldwide, currently, and historically, emphasizes the balance of Sacred Masculine and Feminine forces in perfect union. It is this union that has brought about manifest creation. The pairing of those forces of the masculine and feminine nature is a necessary ingredient not only in that manifestation, but in our healing and inner wholeness as human beings, and living in right relationship to each other, and to the Greater Whole.

Modernized cultures, especially in the West, in large part, have lost track of the meaning and honoring of the Sacred Feminine as an equal part in Creation. We see this throughout our history in disrespect of the feminine in all aspects of our culture, from gender-based inequalities to lack of understanding and appreciation the power and value of intuitive awareness and emotional integrity, to not understanding our relationship to the Earth as a whole, and how we must live in a sustainable way.

At Sunreed, we have always honored the wisdom of all spiritual traditions.  We recognize and honor the New Emergence of the wisdom of the Sacred Feminine during these times of great transformation of our planet, and of all humanity.  We have always incorporated relationship with the Sacred Feminine in our own work.  And, we recognize and honor the power women have again been led to assume in our culture, the beauty of the wisdom of the carriers of these sacred traditions, and the need to restore integrity, balance and harmony in all levels of our society in regard to gender equality, honoring the Earth as a living aspect of the Sacred Feminine, of the incredible intuitive power of the Sacred Feminine, the quality of Life Force our emotional bodies carry, of which she births, and how we must all integrate this wisdom and power into our lives and essential being.  The Wisdom of so many cultures state it thusly, though perhaps in different languages and sentence structure:  The Nature of Life is to embody Right Relationship with our (higher/authentic) Self and the Principles of the Cosmos.  Within the heart of those Principles, is the Heart of the Great Mother of All Life.  

Everything that we think of as feminine in human consciousness and form, is part of that understood as the Sacred Feminine in all spiritual cultures who embrace and embody its principles.
She is the carrier of wisdom, of compassion, of comfort and nourishment, the Giver of Life, that which sustains life, and that which transforms life and makes room for new life to emerge and prosper. She encourages all things to thrive, and wants for Her Children to be cared for, to grow, flourish, and meet their greatest potential. She assists those vigorously who align with her principles of harmony.

She also has two faces, twin aspects. She is the ferocious protector of the innocent. A lesson any outdoors person loves from one’s elders is not to come between a mother and her cubs. She has power. In most cultures, it is understood she is the Source of the Power of Life, she is the Life Force itself which ‘makes all things erect,’ which makes all things grow upright, and whole. She is the Healer. She is the Keeper of the Mysteries of Fertility, the Keeper of the Community and Family, the Hearth Keeper, the Muse, the Inspiration of the Arts and the Artists. In Tibet she is, among other things, the nature of the Sky Beings, which bring knowledge of the mysteries to the Devotees. She is the Keeper of the Elements and the Devic kingdoms, of all life on Earth. She is the Earth Mother Herself. She is the Center of The Wheel of Life. In Hinduism, she is equal to all male creator principles, equal in all aspects of Creation and manifestation of Creation. In Judaism, she is the container of the Divine, the dwelling place, and has often been referred to as the Holy Spirit. From this has arisen the Holy Ghost, and thus remains embedded, if not seen, understood, or accepted, even in the Christian concept of the Holy Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. For, without the Mother, there is no son. In Andean Mysteries, it is understood all aspects of Creation, of equilibrium of society and its rulers are guarded and guided by the Sacred Feminine. She is the Heart of Perfect Wisdom, the Gemstone of the Heart, the Heart of Pure Compassion, who embraces all, and loves all unconditionally.