Native American Special Drum Gift Set

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 Native American Special Drum Gift Set

Size: 16” or 18"

Weight: 16”= ~3 lbs; 18”= ~4lbs

When And How Will It Ship: This set typically will ship out next day after ordering with FedEx ground, and arrive within 5-7 business days.

What You’ll Receive: 

1)    Your choice of a 16” or 18” Native American Frame Drum, in your hide of choice. If you have looked at our individually listed drums, and prefer a specific drum for those listings, please let us know in the notes at checkout and we will provide you the right drum;

2)    One of our padded quality black drum cases, for the drum, for safe storage and transportation;

3)    One of our Sunreed Soft Beaters, which is designed to bring out the deepest base tone from your drum;

4)    One copy of The Shamanic Drum: A Guide To Sacred Drumming, a practical guide to applying the ancient healing art of drumming to our modern lives.

Product Description: Sunreed's Traditional Native American frame drums are handmade by a North West Native American drum maker. He handcrafts beautiful, well tied, full wrap, frame drums which will withstand the rigors of long and rigorous use! Each drum is made in the traditional way in ceremony and with prayer. For a more detailed discussion of these drums, see our guide for purchasing a Native American Drum, or see our individually listed Native American Drum pages.

For most adults, we recommend the 18" size drums, for a full, rich tone, easy to hold. Smaller framed adults may prefer a 16 drum, which still has a good bass note. For children, depending on age, you may wish a 10-14" drum.

Each drum is unique and individual, a one of a kind. Color of the skins may vary, certainly with different types of hides. The frames are made of maple. We highly recommend these excellent quality, and very reasonably priced drums. They are handcrafted in the USA.

The price for this gift set is set at 15% off retail value for an average savings of $45 dollars.

To see the price of the drum gift set, please choose both the size and skin you would like from the options at the top of the page.