The Foundations Of Sound Healing - Certificate Of Training

copy-of-centerpics.pngEarn A Certificate Of Training with The School Of Sound Healing 4 Class Online Course The Foundations Of Sound Healing

The Center Of Light And Sunreed Instruments has offered The School of Sound Healing for over 20 years, training professionals in the art of therapeutic sound healing. The programs are led and taught by Zacciah Blackburn, a true grandfather of the discipline, who developed his sound healing practice in the 1970s and has instructed therapeutic practitioners since the 1990s. The programs are designed to give you in depth experience with sound healing instruments in the context of meditation and mental and emotional wellbeing, as well as explore in detail the history of sound healing and its modern day science. Students come away from these programs with a exploration of the relationship between sound and consciousness, and sound and spiritual evolution. Zacciah asks the big questions. What is sound? What is consciousness? What is healing? Who are we? What are we here for? Our current certificate of training program is The Foundations Of Sound Healing, a 4 class online course in Therapeutic Sound Healing

What Is The Current Class Schedule For Getting A Sound Healing Certificate Online?

The Foundations Of Sound Healing is broken up into four classes. You do not need to take all of the classes in the same year. For example you can take Class 1, and then come back a few years later to continue with Class 2, 3 and 4. You must take all of the classes sequentially. For example, you can not take Class 2 without taking Class 1. 

Class 1

January 25-27. 2024

Class 2

October 12-14 2023

February 22-24 2024

Class 3

November 9-11, 2023

March 21-23 2024

Class 4

January 11-13, 2024

April 18-20 2024


The Foundations Of Sound Healing - 4 Class Certificate Course

The Center of Light and Sunreed Instruments offers in depth sound healers trainings, and classes which enable any individual to develop their highest potential skills in sound therapy, as a sound healing practitioner, for the use of sound healing in one's personal or private practice, as well as therapeutic clinical applications. Many participants begin here, to build their complete holistic practice from the foundation. We guide you through all steps necessary for a full practice. Many therapists in Psychology, Massage, Reiki, Yoga, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Ayurvedic, Nutritional Therapy, Movement, Breath, and a large variety of other Holistic Therapies, as well as Hospice, Nursing and Medical practitioners, are finding the benefits of Sound Therapies to heighten states of wellness and integration of their services for their clients. We have growing numbers of these professionals studying with us, to complement their current offerings. This full course offers a thorough foundation, and a sound healing certificate of completion. 

img-20201119-133830503.jpgThe science behind the eons old practices of sound healing are rapidly becoming well documented as practical, easy and effective. Sound therapies are known to reduce stress and anxiety, increase homeostasis, create a more balanced immune system, enhance overall sense of well-being, and has been shown to be effective in the treatment of cancer & other disease by medical practitioners, as well as sound therapists. The effect of sound and awareness practices have been utilized by esoteric traditions worldwide to enhance states of well-being and the exploration of the subtle states of consciousness for eons. Science is rapidly confirming the benefit of the combination of intentional sound and guided imagery practices as ultimately beneficial to the process of healing.

The Foundation In Sound Healing course, over each of the 4 classes, is designed to promote efficacy and understanding as a sound healing professional, with intuitive and cognitive insight, direct experiential practice, and education in the science and mysticism of the nature of sound as used both historically and in contemporary cultures world-wide. The program incorporates modern scientific studies in neuroacoustics, neurophysiology, the use of healing sound instruments, voice, sound technologies, Cymatics, and development of one's own understanding of the innate qualities of self. We are a strong proponent of the view that self-exploration and self-understanding promotes key awareness integral to the development of one's self as a healing practitioner. To understand the healing paradigm, one must explore the nature of consciousness itself, and sound healing modalities do as much as any holistic approach to reach this understanding, as we are vibrational beings. Sound healing as a healing modality, utilized with clear understanding, integrity, and intention, promotes wellness within oneself and others one is working with. The science is becoming inextricably clear on this.

We integrate keen understanding of the nature of consciousness and wellness, with the skilled articulation of cognitive use of sound instruments, to bringimg-20201119-135359956.jpg about wellness and change in one's whole being. We include training in the utilization of one's voice, Pure Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, Tibetan Singing Bowls and Bells (Bell/Dorje, Tingsha, Shang, Cymbal), Drums, Rattles, Horns and Didgeridoos, Tuning Forks, Peruvian Whistles, and a myriad of other traditional and contemporary instruments used in sound therapies worldwide today. We incorporate an intuitive and shamanic understanding of the nature of consciousness and subtle worlds of consciousness. Our facilitator, with over 37 years of experience in this field, will guide us to explore these principals with sound therapies and awareness exercises, approach a deep understanding of, and balancing techniques for, the primary and subtle components of the human energy system, including the 7 main chakras, the nadis and meridians, the endocrine system, and our neurophysiology.

We explore the modern science validating ancient and modern practices with sound therapies as it relates to wellness and consciousness, including Cymatics & the work of Dr. Hans Jenny, the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, (water crystals and intention), the Heart Math Institute (coherent emotion), Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, Tom Kenyon, and other leading pioneers in the fields of human consciousness development, neuroacoustics, and sound medicines, and holistic wellness.

We develop skills and strategies to work in group and individual therapeutic context. In the course of these programs, we build community with a knowing school of practitioners. For some, this is the most important ingredient in the trainings.

We work with principals of ceremonial healing with practices grounded in traditional schools of healing, from Tibetan Buddhism to Hinduism, to Native North, South, and Central American shamanic practices. We create group ceremonies to develop and utilize our skills and heart felt intentions to learn how to bring true healing to the planet and all sentient beings incorporating sound practices. Each year's program develops deeper understanding of these practices, and our advanced level students & graduates continue this work by bringing ceremonial healing programs, not only to individuals, but to communities of the region, and to Sacred Earth Sites, as well as wherever else invited.

drum-22-remo-zacciah.pngThe programs empower us to bring our own innate and intuitive wisdom and understanding of the world forward, to stand more fully in our inner knowing, and authority as a human, and spiritual, being. At the same time, we develop the technical skill, based in decades of practice by the facilitator, of knowing the nature and power of sound and intention, and how to utilize it in therapeutic practice with clients, to heighten states of wellness in our own personal life, and in developing clear working models for group work with sound.

Inevitably, our participants feel markedly more whole and complete after each session. Reports from participants are nearly universal, in gaining insight, wisdom, and experience, that is 'life transforming,' and, 'beyond my highest expectations.'

The Foundations Of Sound Healing - Class 1 - Introduction To Sound Healing

This is the first in a series of ongoing events.  You can sign up for this program independently, but must attend this to attend additional future programs.

This is a high quality, in depth program offered for novice and experienced practitioner to gain wisdom, insight, and experience to create or further your practice as a sound healing therapist, whether for personal or professional use, as well as to integrate sound into an existing therapeutic modality.

Zacciah and Dorothy have a combined history of over 70 years in world music, sound healing, and holistic practices. You will receive in depth understanding and experience in the principles and use sound therapies, as well as use of primary sound healing instruments such as Pure Crystal Singing Bowls, Tibetan bowls and bells, chimes and gongs, Native American drums and rattles, tuning forks, and more, as time allows.

Study The Relationship Between Sound, Healing and Consciousness

From this program, you can expect to explore

  • Experiential and cognitive advancement of our understanding of fundamental principles and utilization of techniques of sound healing therapies
  • Exploration of the nature of Authentic Healing
  • Experiential practices and esoteric understanding of the nature of human consciousness
  • Utilize sound practices from Vedic/Yogic traditions, Tibetan Buddhism and indigenous cultures
  • Experiential practice in sound techniques with applications for personal development and the professional setting
  • Scientific research and contemporary sound therapies
  • Use of voice, ancient and contemporary instruments including, crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls and bells, Native drums, rattles, and tuning forks in wellness and therapeutic practices
  • Practice of sound techniques to enhance personal and professional therapies (Psychotherapies, Yoga Instructors, Massage/Body Therapists, and other complementary therapies) Where time allows, we will go into these areas of study, but will have a follow up program focusing more on Creating a Sound Practice
  • Balancing and clearing techniques for the neurophysiology, chakras,etheric/subtle energy and endocrine systems
  • Using sound and consciousness practices to provide pathways to awakened states of wholeness and well being.

How Are Instruments Used In Therapeutic Sound Healing?

This program offers a skilled approach to the nature of sound and healing designed to be of benefit to novice and practitioner. We approach a broad understanding of major sound healing modalities. With this foundation of understanding with the nature of sound, and the use of instruments, we begin to explore ever more deeply the use of voice, also, for personal and professional use, for practice in clearing, aligning, and energizing the human energy field, the nature of and use in invocation of allies and teachers in the subtle worlds of understanding, and much more. How is sound used as healing tool? Why is it so effective? We each have the creative capacity to utilize our voice in healing, every day. By setting proper awareness, and intention, we can, by speaking our truth, voicing our wounds, and touching our Divinity, and alliance with subtle realms of being, spark healing in ourselves and others.

The Foundations Of Sound Healing - Class 2 - Creating Your Sound Healing Practice

This is the second in a series of ongoing classes, within our Foundations Of Sound Healing certificate course.  You must have attended class 1 from the Foundations Of Sound Healing to attend this program.

Study The Practical Application Of Sound Healing Tools

This program builds off of the information introduced in the first program. Where the first program is an overview of the instruments, and the theory behind sound healing, in this second program we begin to explore the practical application of instruments in meditative and therapeutic practices. We will go into further detail of practical application of sound in a therapeutic practice in the fourth class as well, Application Of Sound In Therapeutic Practice. Where our first program is our foundational training for sound healing, this program will push participants deeper into experiential practice with the tools to further guide participants in creating their own sound healing practice. We will extend our studies into more explicit principles, techniques, and experiential practices of how to use instruments, voice, awareness, intention and understanding dynamic principles of neurophysiology, consciousness, and the subtle energy system of the human body to facilitate subtle healing and wellness practices for therapeutic work, as well as integration into an existing professional therapeutic practice.

Most prior participants in this work find it extraordinarily rewarding, and more in depth than they imagined.

Sound can take us deep into a subtle healing experience, far beyond most of our awareness and expectations.  Zacciah and Dorothy are master teachers in this work.  We will be working with new science and contemporary understanding as well as ancient wisdom and awareness practices in this course.

The Foundations Of Sound Healing - Class 3 - Sacred Space And Sacred Voice

This is the third in a series of ongoing classes, within our Foundations Of Sound Healing certificate course.  You must have attended class 1 and class 2 from the Foundations Of Sound Healing to attend this program.

Explore Sacred Space

How do we use sacred space in our personal & professional lives? Whom & what do we call upon to create sacred space, and why? Does the holistic practitioner & workshop facilitator have an inextricable responsibility to insure sacred space is utilized and maintained when ope0g clients to sacred mystery, or to greater personal awareness? What are the boundaries and limitations of our understanding as to the power of positive and negative forces in our life and workplace? Many shamanic cultures focus on the need to dispel or protect from the dark energies. What other methods of understanding may be even more potent at insuring the integrity and wellness of our space, our lives, and practice? We will explore these and other questions, engage in understanding professional ethics and care, and learn to couple intention with a variety of vibrational techniques for creating sacred space in our personal and professional place. When time and weather permit, we often work with creating outdoor ceremonial space, utilizing traditional indigenous wisdom teachings.

Learn The Power Of Your Voice As A Vehicle For Sacred Sound

When we attune to our own sacred nature, and voice this in resonance with clarity and trust, we come into contact with our very essence. Zacciah uses sound coupled with sacred intention to invoke the essence of higher being, as well as the voices of allies and teachers of the hidden worlds. This allows us each to enter more readily into a sacred space, more ready to explore the deeper nature of ourselves, and relationship to that which we personally hold as sacred, as well as the Greater Cosmos, and learn to better voice it. The invocation of sacred sound streams, which Zacciah calls Sacred Sound Transmissions, creates the groundwork which assists us in walking through a rich tapestry of unfolding experiential insights into our essence. We will explore together our inherent ability discern and channel these sacred sound streams through voice and intention. We will be given specific methodology to connect with the allies, guides and teachers, the ancestral and holy beings of the subtle realms of consciousness, the 'other worlds,' and learn to attune to, embrace, embody, and emanate their voices. Deep initiations may occur when we create authentic relationship with these holy ones, and utilize those relationships in integrated practices with Sacred Sound. It is important to realize, in this quality of practice, we enter into worlds beyond our common knowing and imagination, we enter the realms beyond cognition, so they are not definable by common language. We are in the imaginal realms of what some call, the Lands of Pure Light and Sound, where the Holy Beings dwell. Most participants in these practices find the work life altering, deeply transforming. We invite you to join us.

The Foundations Of Sound Healing - Class 4 - Application Of Sound In Therapeutic Practice

This is the fourth in a series of ongoing classes, within our Foundations Of Sound Healing certificate course.  You must have attended class 1, 2 and 3 from the Foundations Of Sound Healing to attend this program.

Apply Sacred Sound To Your Therapeutic Practice

This last class is mainly for deepening our wisdom and understanding of the tools we have gathered over the course of this four class training. It is an in depth training for comprehensive practical skill development. We will explore more deeply, our understanding and application of sound healing skills, with the use of our voice, and instruments, awareness and intention, in practical application for therapeutic use. We will bridge more deeply into how to work with others in a client based practice, or integrate our new skills into our existing practice. There is much time for question and answer for direct application to each students unique and specific needs, as well as intensive time for further skill development.

Understand The Neurophysiology Of Sound

Sound is a primordial force which affects us on many levels.  This program will as well explore the fundamental neurophysiology of the body, and the neuroacoustical properties of sound: how sound effects healing, change, growth, via the natural forces at play within our human bodies, as well as other aspects of the science of sound. We will carry forward our understanding of the use of instruments and voice, focusing on a scientific foundation, such as sound to enhance homeostasis, for deep relaxation and restoration, while utilizing intuitive awareness, in practices, moving more and more into hands on work with others as the trainings progress.

Explore The Attunement Of The Chakras

Last, there will be study of the nature and development of the chakras and their relationship within the subtle bodies & the human psyche; with attunement exercises via alchemical practices, esoteric exercises, toning, chant, mantra, and sacred sound transmissions, as well as working with instruments to balance and enliven these seats of consciousness. We will offer cognitive information on the nature of the Chakras, and skill development utilizing sound to balance and energize the chakras in therapeutic settings.

Continued Education - One on One Professional Skill Development Program

--To schedule a session with Zacciah, please contact us--

Zacciah offers one-on-one and small group sound healing training. This service is available over Zoom, or in person when available. It can be offered in one hour or multiple hour segments, in one day, or over the course of days, weeks, or months, depending on the depth the student wishes to engage in this service, and the areas of study he or she wish to cover.

One on One Professional Skill Development is an excellent way for those who complete the Foundation Of Sound Healing to receive continued education in information and skills personally relevant to their development. Zacciah can address individual areas of interest in short sessions, or he and the student can create an individualized program to cover appropriate materials and experiential practice for those who wish to engage in a broader spectrum of training. This plan will include time recommendations to adequately cover those areas of interest, and will, also, be based on the student's experiential level.

This is an excellent way to study with Zacciah, for those with limited time or with financial considerations, and, to receive in depth experiential and cognitive knowledge in the full spectrum of training he offers. It provides the student with the opportunity to ask him directly all questions that are most relevant to your own needs and direction of study. You may train in the use of sound healing instruments such as crystal or Tibetan bowls and bells, Native American drums and rattles, the use of voice, the nature of the chakras or the human energy system, the nature and use of intention and awareness, Sacred Space, Sacred Sound Transmissions (or channeling,) or you may enter the inter-relationship of sound, healing and consciousness at its most refined levels. Because of the nature of individualized learning, it is quite possible to go quite deep into your specified areas of interest in less time than it may take to reach in group retreat, though there are aspects of group work that cannot be duplicated in individualized sessions.