Rewards Program

Welcome To Our Sunreed Instruments Sound Healing Rewards Program!

Just spend over $1200 in 1 year with Sunreed Instruments and you will qualify for our Sunreed Instruments Rewards Program. This club is to support those who are working with sound healing and shamanic instruments professionally or privately and want to develop their skills and collection of tools. Members receive 10% off most all future product orders from our extensive collection of top quality sound healing tools. Please see the full list of benefits, rules and exclusions below.

Full Member Benefits

  • 10% off most products (see rules and exclusions).

How to Join and Other Rules

  • Acceptance into the program is automatic upon spending $1200 retail on products over the course of 1 year. This amount does not include the cost of shipping, handling or tax. Services and trainings do not count towards the $1200 total. Wholesale orders do not count towards acceptance in the program.
  • Customers after acceptance to the program can not use coupon codes, applied over their automatic 10% rewards discount. If this does occur, we will need to contact to the customer and ask to pay the remaining amount discounted from using the coupon code.
  • Acceptance in the program is valid for purchases made after 7/26/18. Purchases made before this date do not count toward program totals.
  • After spending over $1200, please contact us via email at We will verify you have spent over $1200, enroll you into the program.
  • Members must have or create a Sunreed Instruments account. All discount purchases must be made while logged into this account.
  • Only personal contact data and order history are stored in your account for easy access in your future orders. No credit card or banking information is stored in your account. No personal information is shared with any one outside of the scope of completing your orders.
  • Members must have 1 purchase per year of at least $30 discounted total in order to maintain membership in the program.
  • The 10% discount cannot be combined with any other discounts or specials, and cannot include shipping, handle or taxes where applicable.
  • 10% off excludes the following products or categories of products. These products are either already discounted, or are not available for discount:
    • Tuning Fork Attenuators
    • Gongs & Gong Accessories
    • East Indian Instruments
    • Audio Equipment
    • Bear Drums
    • Drum Paintings
    • Shipping, Handling and Taxes where applicable
    • Programs, Trainings, Therapies, Professional Consultations, and Retreats
    • All Items in our Gift Items category
    • Sunreed’s Special Drum Gift Set
  • Sunreed Instruments, LLC, maintains the right to change rules and benefits of the program at any time without notice, including the right to cancel the program. The program will not continue if Sunreed Instruments, LLC dissolves.