The Center Of Light Institute Of Sound Healing And Shamanic Studies

bottom-banner-img.jpgThe Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies, provides training in the art of sound healing as a therapeutic practice, studies and in depth experiential practice through its shamanic Earth Mysteries School, personal workshops incorporating esoteric studies and meditation practices with the deeply moving and transformative power of Sacred Sound Transmissions, and private healing therapies utilizing Sacred Sound, spiritual counseling, and shamanic practice.  Our workshops and individual therapies and studies are designed to draw us to our own innate wisdom and personal power, develop intuitive guidance and authenticity, deepening relationship with that we hold as sacred, awakening the core of our being, and enlivening us to pursue our personal destiny. 

We are located in Chester, Vermont, amidst the rich tapestries and beauty of the Green Mountains. The Center is a non-residential study and therapeutic center.  We are situated on pristine land which incorporates deciduous and evergreen forests, mountains and fields.  We often incorporate work with the beauty and power of the Earth, and the elements of the Earth, in our programs. Utilizing the power of Sacred Sound as a vehicle for transformational exploration, we come into personal attunements, and initiations into the Great Mystery.

Our programs are broken up into three different "schools" of study:

1) The School Of Sound Healing

The Center Of Light And Sunreed Instruments has offered The School of Sound Healing for over 20 years, training professionals in the art of therapeutic sound healing. The programs are led and taught by Zacciah Blackburn, a true grandfather of the discipline, who developed his sound healing practice in the 1970s and has instructed therapeutic practitioners since the 1990s. The programs are designed to give you in depth experience with sound healing instruments in the context of meditation and mental and emotional wellbeing, as well as explore in detail the history of sound healing and its modern day science. Students come away from these programs with a exploration of the relationship between sound and consciousness, and sound and spiritual evolution. Zacciah asks the big questions. What is sound? What is consciousness? What is healing? Who are we? What are we here for? Our current certificate of training program is The Foundations Of Sound Healing, a 4 class online course in Therapeutic Sound Healing

2) Earth Mystery School

The Earth holds key elements of ancient wisdom, answers to contemporary life, and a living consciousness which serves to assist us in our growth, understanding, and relationship to all of life, to Creation, and to each other.

The wisdom of the Earth, and of Creation, are embedded in living energies, in her ancient valleys, mountains, rivers, deserts, all aspects of her Creation.

There are Sacred Sites the world over, which are natural anamolies of Earth energy, and ancient ceremonial sites of the Earth's many peoples. These sites often are potent access points for enriching awareness.

Ancient societies and living indigenous cultures have also been caretakers of key elements of wisdom and awareness which can be cutivated and applied to our current life situations, to teach us greater ways of being.

Zacciah and the Center of Light offer a variety of programs which build off of these fundamental understandings, working with the historic alignment of ancient wisdom, experiential and intuitive perception of their deeper truths, and rich resources of simple ceremony, ritual, and traditional Shamanic techniques, many utilizing Sacred Sound, which can assist each of us to unveil the greater Mysteries, as they apply to our life.

3) The Evolution Of Consciousness Series

These are evolutionary programs, constantly evolving as the Mystery unfolds, and guides us, taking us into ever deeper waters of cohesion, understanding of the nature of life, our selves, and our part in it, and the fields of unity pervading All Life. The Wisdom of the Guides and Elders who bring forward their wisdom and teachings, the profound transformative power and insight experienced during the Sacred Sound Transmissions, all add to the integrity and quality of these program offerings. There is well over 40 years of experience, 30 years of practice, and 20 years of teaching in which these programs are based, bridging the deep wisdom of Living Traditions with the incredible guidance brought through from the gnosis of direct realization and the experiences revealed on the other side of normal consciousness experiences. We hope you will take time to experience the work. As, it takes us to realms beyond language and cognition. And, language and cognition, while they may give glimpses of understanding of the depth of the work, cannot give the incredible breadth and richness which the immersion of oneself in the direct experience of the Great Mystery can give. We invite you into the work.

From Ancient Egyptian Alchemy, to studies based in Tantric Buddhist, Hindu, Mystical Christian, Peruvian, & Native American practices. Potent initiations & empowerments are often incorporated into these explorations of the Illuminated Self, through ancient & living esoteric exercises, utilizing the transformative power of sacred sound attunements and Transmissions. Programs incorporate these understandings into contemporary application and relevance to the modern transformational life, as well as prophetic understandings of the nature of the Times in which we live, spoken of by many cultures as a time of Great Awakening and Evolution for all Humanity. Through simple awareness, alchemical & energy techniques, we can cultivate and sustain the Vital Living Powers of Consciousness & Illumination within Our Selves, & relationship to the world, and greater Cosmos.

Many of our programs may include especial services or exercises for World Healing, to assist in these transformative times. We each have a role to play in the current global transformation, and can serve deeply with our mindful thoughts and actions.

These programs guide us into a sacred state of being and consciousness, greater than most participants recall having ever experienced. Many participants report their experience is more far reaching, more touching, and healing, than they could have ever expected, touching them in ways unimaginable prior to their participation.