Learn About Native American Drums

How To Choose A Native American Frame Drum

Learn about how to select a Native American Frame Drum for your climate, weight, type of hide and medicine.

How To Take Care Of Your Native American Drum

Tips for how to care for a hide drum, including whether to oil the drum, change the tone of the drum, and make sure the drum lasts a lifetime.

Drum Awakening Ceremony

This is a short ceremony Zacciah recommends for welcoming in your new drum to your life

Meditating Simply With A Native American Drum

Zacciah explains simply how to meditate with a Frame Drum

Video -- How to Select a Native American Drum

Zacciah goes over his tips for selecting a Native American Drum.

What is the Best Type of Drum for Sweat Lodges?

A little bit of information about sweat lodge drums and other drums for a sweat lodge.

About Native American Drums

General information about Native American Drums (See our How To Choose A Native American Drum up the page for more detailed information)