Resting in Stillness

Resting in Stillness

Rest, Quiet, Rejuvenation, Dreaming the New Dream.  It is Winter.
Stillness is such a treasure, one of the Three Jewels 
from which inner wisdom and strength appear.
                       ~~Zacciah Blackburn

Resting in stillness, I come to realization.

The sun rises over me, drawing darkness from the sky.

The sky opens and blossoms above me, as I rest in its serene solitude.  

Here, I open to my greater truths, deeper wisdom, reflections of life embodied here on Earth.

I am more than this.
I am Earth and Sky.

May I not be lost in the tumultuous underpinnings of my Earth in habitation.

But, be brought to the truths revealed in the cohabitation of Earth and Sky.

The sky is my home.
The Earth is my dwelling place.

I am in union with both.

The Earth dwells within the sky.
Let my limited perceptions not disregard this fundamental essence of truth.

I am a sky being embodied in dust.

The miracle of life is within and all about me.

The miraculous union and mitosis of cells, alone, is more than my mind can conjure.

I am unique, yet such a part of the Whole.

May I be complete.
May I recognize it.
May I honor it.

May I walk in this path of Beauty and Truth that encompasses all as my brother and sister, aunt and uncle, mother and father, no matter their age, their inkling, their belief or species.

I rest in this dwelling place.

Let me make choices in continuity with the Beauty and Rhythm I perceive.