Infinity Rain Disk

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Infinity Rain Disk - 20", 16" and 8"

20" Infinity Disks are on preorder as of 12/4/23. They will ship to us from Moldova 12/6/23. We are accepting preorders for them at this time.

Size: 20" x 1.5" - 5lbs

16" x 1.5" - 3lbs

8" x 1.5" - 1.5lbs

When And How Will This Ship?: This drum will ship with FedEx and typically arrive within 3-5 business days.

What Will I Receive? One handmade Infinity Rain Disk - 20" or 16" or 8"

Product Description: These are handmade by an shamanic artisan in Moldova. His design incorporates aspects of a ocean drum, as well as a rain stick and in the end leads to a long lasting soothing experience. There are different ways to play this, which each give different effects.

The best way of playing this disc is to turn it vertical, and rotate it slowly. This way the disk plays continuously and steadily. It sounds like you are alongside a soft babbling brook that is continuously flowing along. Imagine you a flowing with the water, as it continues on and on.

You can also play the disk on it’s side. Depending on the angle you play, you can get an effect like a traditional ocean drum, hearing the sound of the crashing waves, or you can get an effect like a traditional rain stick. 

The 16" size is a great size for the lighter weight, and is good for personal use. The 20" size is probably better for group use, being louder and having more depth of tone.

The 8" size is great for traveling with. It can fit easily in a bag.