How To Become A Sound Healer

How To Become A Sound Healer
How To Start A Sound Healing Practice

               Becoming a sound healer doesn’t necessarily have a single meaning. Sound is being utilized and studied in many different therapeutic and even medical endeavors for emotional, mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing. For example, researchers at MIT have explored the potential of using gamma frequencies to cure Alzheimer’s Disease. Many of the clients that come to us for training are already skilled practitioners of yoga, reiki, acupuncture, and various psychotherapeutic methodologies, looking to integrate sound into their own practice. There are also students who took our classes, and developed their own methodologies, such as Eileen McKusick and her world-renowned work with tuning forks. There are also those who come to work with us just wanting to incorporate sound into their own life, or lead simple sound baths. There is no single expression of sound healing or being a sound healer, though in each case there is responsibility you hold in relationship with your clients in a professional practice.

               At Sunreed Instruments and The Center Of Light, we define sound healing as the intentional use of sound to create a vibrational environment which becomes a catalyst for healing in the mental, emotional, or spiritual aspects of our being. Clarifying the intentional use of sound takes experience, because at the core of becoming a sound healer, is understanding the very nature of inner healing.

Zacciah discusses this concept very clearly in the following YouTube video.

Without a clear understanding of healing (of the process of self-realization and in that the release of suffering) it is difficult to use sound intentionally to guide another to that end. This is why at the core of our teaching on sound healing, are fundamental teachings on the very nature of healing and consciousness. Sound works as a gateway, attenuator, or quickener in the meditative process, cutting through our thinking mind, and giving greater access to spaciousness and catharsis. Though, the inner work of transformation must still be done and understood within oneself, with or without sound. Sound is not a magic pill, that instantly grants us the understanding needed to live a more peaceful life. It is not enough just to play a crystal bowl and expect results. Sound may help, though it is with our own intention and faculties of perception that we change, and gain the understanding needed to step into inner peace. It is simple to play a drum, though difficult to become intimately familiar with the mental and energetic movements that take place as the mind opens to its own inner spaciousness. This takes experience, and a fine tuning of perception.

Our courses in sound healing provide language and guidance so that you may explore sound, healing and consciousness within yourself, and then with experience know how to as well guide others using sound. There is unfortunately no true fast path course for the therapeutic use of sound. There is no 4-hour class that will transform you instantly into a well-established practitioner of sound and meditation. There is no clear 8-step program for becoming a sound healer (which would make convenient content for this article). For years we led a full 3-year training course, which students needed from start to finish, to learn, understand, integrate and embody the principles and methodologies of sound and meditation taught in our courses, to responsibly use them in a therapeutic practice.

To start the path of becoming a sound healer, key resources are the many spiritual traditions worldwide, such as the Quero of Peru, or Buddhists of Tibet, who kindly offer the world clear guidance for understanding the process of inner healing. Zacciah as well offers clear guidance for this path in his courses. It is important to seek the larger questions, such as the nature of our inner minds, who we are, what is consciousness, why we are here, and what is our relationship to the Whole. With this, you can begin to become intimate with attention and intention based meditative skills, clarifying your perception. All of this may be done alongside of the use of a drum, rattle or crystal bowl. As your practice deepens, so will your understanding of the use of sound and how sound interacts with consciousness. Over time as you understand this path of healing within yourself, and embody it’s concepts, then you may begin to feel comfortable offering sound to others as an effective tool to be used in their own lives. Taking our courses will also help clarify your understanding, as Zacciah leads you through the use of different instruments, and their various applications in a therapeutic sound healing practice. We are currently offering a 4 class Certificate Of Training program, The Foundations Of Sound Healing. Visit our trainings to learn more.

Zacciah discusses key concepts and questions in becoming a sound healer