Healing Amongst The Giving And Taking With All Life

Healing Amongst The Giving And Taking With All Life

Excerpt From The Light Of Wisdom Series, September, 2023


In this lecture, Zacciah discusses the importance of going into one of the three inner jewels: silence, stillness and space. In particular, he discusses space or ‘spaciousness.’ The three jewels, when practiced, are self-liberating states of being. They expose the fundamental nature of our being. They are self-empowering. Zacciah takes this discussion further, that as vibratory beings, we are always in a state of giving and taking with our environment, or even, with the Entirety of the cosmos we are inherent to. In entering spaciousness, we are directly connecting to this process of giving and taking, in a way that is self-illuminating. As we enter spaciousness we naturally give in that state as well as receive. And in this, we are learning the process of self-realization, as well as the right relationship of giving and taking in harmony with all life.



We often start our practice with spaciousness, because it leads to such profound connection to the greater mystery, that then unfolds and guides us into deeper work within the practice.

When we enter a state of spaciousness, we are collaborating with the very nature of the great feminine body of wisdom, which is understood as the primordial nature of all life, that from which nature arises. We are feeding into the connective tissue of life itself, which can then feed and nature us. We feel the cohesion of all of that. It allows us to cohese as a body of light workers, both within this practice and when we leave, and that body of light workers is far greater than the 15 people here, but as well incorporates the global body of transformation, as well as beings of the celestial realms and other galaxies and much more. We are interlacing with that global tissue of the universe. We are feeding and being fed by, we are informing and being informed by, that connective tissue. So, utilizing this phrase ‘the light of wisdom’ brings us into that collective connection, and allows us to go very deep into the body of work and as well our inherent nature.

Wisdom is how we utilize our perception and knowledge. It is the art of skillfully applying our knowledge to all our choices and actions. That is another aspect of the three jewels and spaciousness is that it brings us into a state of “clear view.” We can see clearly. Just think about it. Just go to the top of a mountain and the immense stars at night, just feel that vast open spaciousness. When we are in a vast open spaciousness, we have a clear view. We can see for miles and miles. When we enter a state of clear view, we are in a place to make clearer choices, and to take clearer action which just become more fulfilling for our lives. They help to evolve us. hey help to connect us to the greater wisdom of life, because we are entering into the synchronous resonance with universal principles; And, the more we can do that, the more we can enter into synchronous resonance with the universe, the more we feed and inform it, and it can feed and inform us. It can help sustain us. Resting in these states are nourishing within themselves. They actually produce a state of luminosity and self-liberation. Who doesn’t want to be free? Self-liberation is a natural outcome of resting in stillness, spaciousness and silence.

We’re all seeking fulfillment in our lives. That means something to different people, whether it means a new job or new house. What that really is about is self-fulfillment, and in the wisdom schools that equates to self-realization. It is realizing who we really are. And in that content of who we really are, is as well the content of why we are really here. What is the real purpose of being here on this planet at this time? It is important that we pursue this practice of self-realization, and this involves going into living relationship or right relationship with the principles of the cosmos. There is so much alive and relating to us right now. Step out into nature and feel the beauty. It is a living organism. They (living organisms) feed and commune with each other, and it is through entrainment, syncopated resonance, they entrain to each other: the community of trees, and the beings within the forest. Science is speaking of more and more to the nature of frequency and resonance as to how things interact and cohese or not.

Cohesion is an important part of this process. Cohesion is coherence; the positive feeling states literally mean that which binds things together, and it is what coheses us to those greater principles of the cosmos when we abide within those coherent states, and those coherent principles of life. When we understand this, it helps us to pursue them, embody them, enliven them within us, to thrive within that knowledge, and within the choices that build our cohesive states. This really brings us into alignment with the fundamental inherent wisdom that we all embody. That we are inherently good, joyful, loving, kind, luminous, liberated. These are our inherent states, and if we don’t experience it, it is because we have learned to fix our attention upon lesser states of being and believing that this is so: that I am lesser than that, I’m not divine, I’m not worthy, I don’t have enough. All these lesser things that our society has made us believe on a cellular level: that we are not worthy of the greatness and grandness of who are and what we truly are as spiritual beings, thriving in a magnificent universe with endless bounty. We have bought into the principles of make believe, that we are lesser than that, and have to struggle through life; even while, there are other ways, that have to do with coming into alignment with the greater principles of self, in alignment with the greater principles or resonance of the universe. When we understand this, it allows us to move more quickly into that resonant field in which we can thrive and which feeds each other. It lives within a principle of reciprocity.

Reciprocity is one of the principles of the universe. It is the giving and taking in balance with life. We are consistently giving out to the universe and it is consistently giving to us, but we may not put our awareness in a place where we perceive it or even believe it. That which is directly experienced is the first common definition of to know. That is how we know, because we experienced it. Trusting in that experience enlivens us to pursue to art of self-realization over and over again until it becomes a simple spinning of the wheel, and we are engaged in that wheel, that is giving and taking in harmony with life. It becomes very simple, when we understand it, and engage in it.