Gong Purchasing Guide

Gong Purchasing Guide

Meinl Gongs

Learn About Meinl Gongs

Please review our Gong Purchasing Guide for helpful information on how to purchase a gong and what gong will fit your needs. 

Meinl Gongs

Meinl has long been known as a creator of quality instruments. Based in Germany, they have been making instruments since 1951. Their line of gongs are finely crafted with a special nickle alloy. These gongs are made to a very similar quality to Paiste gongs. They are all chau style gongs with a curved lip. Each gong is hand hammered to play within fairly exact hz range or to an exact hz value. There is special care given to the inner harmonics of each gong. As you strike the gongs, the fundamental note, and the higher notes, will resonate in harmony with each other. So with a Meinl gong you get very coherent note structures from the fundamental to the shimmering crash.

What Meinl Gongs Do We Recommend? What Are The Flower Of Life Gongs?

We recommend looking at the Flower of Life gongs for well tuned C note gongs. Because the Flower of Life gongs play to a 432hz C note, these gongs can be paired well with 7, 8, 9 bowl or even harmonic quartz crystal singing bowl sets. So these gongs are an easy gong to add to your collection, and know you can play them with a wide variety of other instruments.

What Are The Meinl Planetary Gongs?

The Meinl planetary gongs are highly tuned chau gongs. These gongs will play to the hz value advertised. Because of this when you listen to the sound file of these gongs, you really will know the sound of the gong you are buying. This is a good opportunity then to buy a gong that you know you will like the sound of, and also to buy a gong you can more easily pair with other instruments you already have. 

What Are The Meinl Symphonic Tam Tams?

Meinl symphonic tam tams are tuned to a general note. They are refined so that they play that note with a good deal of inner coherency. The inner note structures that are produced with these gongs are all harmonic. Because the gongs are refined to more specific notes, this is as well an opportunity to more or less know what your gong will sound like before you purchase it. It will sound very close to the sound file.

What Are The Meinl Chakra Gongs?

Meinl Chakra gongs are a newer addition to the Meinl line of gongs. They are very similar to other Meinl gongs, because basically Chau style. However these gongs have slightly different hammering on the face of the gong that can lend itself to a little bit of a brighter tone, and more of a shimmering quality. These like other Meinl gongs are tuned to exact hz values, so you will know better how your gong will sound by listening to the sound file.