Tibetan Tingshas (or Timshas) are simple, small hand held chimes.  When struck together they create a clear bell sound that helps to center, awaken, or focus attention and awareness.  They can be used readily, also, to clear space and personal energy, to clear 'obstacles' or 'hindrances' of the mind and emotional field. They are traditionally used for ritual, ceremony, and meditation in the Himalayan and Tibetan regions,  though are now they are used world-wide.


One simply holds the bells by the attached leather cord, and strikes them together, allowing the bells or cymbals to freely ring.  This is best done while sitting quietly, focusing one's attention, and allowing the bell to permeate one's field of awareness, and space around and within.  Follow the sound of the bell to quieten the mind, grow more relaxed, centered, and spacious in one's field and felt senses.  One can use the bell to assist a client in similar ways in a therapeutic practice, of opening or closing a group meditation, or bringing attention to an aspect of a meditative practice during a group meditation or sound event.

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