Gong Purchasing Guide

Read About Paiste Gongs

Please review our Gong Purchasing Guide for helpful information on how to purchase a gong and what gong will fit your needs.

Why Are Paiste Gongs So Expensive?

Paiste Gongs are currently esteemed one of the highest quality gongs made, with high standards and loved by people worldwide. There are many high quality gong makers in the world, though Paiste is perhaps the most recognized. Most Paiste gongs (beside the sound creation series) are hammered to produce very clear inner harmonics, whether it is the Paiste symphonic or Paiste Planetary series. Because of this, most Paiste gongs have very coherent notes, and clear progressions from the fundamental note to the shimmering crash. The gongs are all hammered to play within very clear defined range of hz values. They are beautifully polished and clean gongs, with a series like the Brilliant being shined to a mirror like finish. 

What Are Paiste Symphonic Gongs?

Paiste symphonic gongs are very similar to the traditional Chinese chau gongs, being the same shape and with many of the same qualities. They tell a similar story when played. The symphonic gongs can even be understood as a highly refined version of the chau gong. When you strike the symphonic gong, you get a whole clear note. Paiste writing on their understanding of the word symphonic, “the characterizing word Symphonic thereby should not be misinterpreted as describing the literal sense of classical symphonic orchestra application but its original sense to unite harmonic sounds.” Where the chau gong can sometimes venture off without a clear note structure, a Paiste symphonic gong will maintain a sense of clarity and harmony from the fundamental through crashing. Paiste writes, “the fundamental note of the gong is balanced with the instrument’s complex overtones.” A symphonic gong tells a harmonic story then.

What Are Paiste Brilliant Symphonic Gongs?

Paiste Brilliant Symphonic Gongs are Chau style gongs that are highly refined. A Paiste gong master hammers these gongs so that the different layers of tone, from lower to higher, that this gong produces are all harmonic with each other. The brilliant symphonic gongs are highly polished to a mirror like finish. This gives the gongs a slightly brighter more shimmering quality then normal Paiste symphonic gongs. 

What Are Paiste Planetary Gongs?

Paiste Planet Gongs are well tuned and well polished chau style gongs. One main benefit of purchasing these gongs, is that you know the precise tuning of the gong before the purchase. You can listen to the sound files, know the sound of the gong, and choose a gong you know you will love. You can also select a gong you will know will harmonize with your other instruments. Paiste Planet gongs are have a refined voice, so as you strike them, and bring out the notes more, you will uncover layers of harmonics all leading to a coherent beautiful crash. The small the gong, the faster the gong will crash. The larger the gong, the deeper the bass note, and the more notes to explore before the crash comes out.

What Are Paiste Sound Creation Gongs?

The Paiste Sound Creation Earth Gongs are stunning examples of Paiste's superior craftsmanship for gong making. Each sound creation gong is made to be emotionally influencing, which rich very low notes and diverse highs and crescendos. The sound creation gongs differ from one another in various ways allowing each gong to have its own specific personality and form of expression. Charismatic and full in sound, these gongs are a great option for those looking to emotionally connect with their playing.