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Crystal Bowl Educational Videos
With Zacciah Blackburn
Sunreed Instruments
The Center Of Light

Zacciah Blackburn is a gifted healer and educator, with practice extending into the 1980's.  He has studied spiritual wisdom traditions, played world music and maintained a profession in world instrument making since the 1970's.  He has worked extensively with the shamanic and sound healing tools you see on the pages of Sunreed Instruments®, and offers them as a service to the greater healing community.  He has incorporated his knowledge and experience into a cohesive set of therapeutic principles, integrating those wisdom tradition teachings with ancient & modern sound healing, shamanic, and meditative techniques, to assist others to enter heightened states of awareness, wholeness, healing, and well-being.  Here, he offers that knowledge in simple steps for entering or furthering one's sound healing practice with the use of crystal bowls, and voice. He is available for private 1 on 1 consultations and studies, in person at his Center in Vermont, in retreats world wide, and via phone and live zoom or skype practices. You also can view more information on his background, educational and therapeutic services, articles, etc at The Center of Light Web Site.

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3 Results (See Below)

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