Tuning Fork Purchasing Guide

 Tuning Fork Purchasing Guide


Made In The USA

Our tuning forks are made in the USA, with space grade aluminum alloy for long lasting durability and integrity of pitch and tone (voice quality.) We guarantee the pitch of our forks are within +/- .25% (.0025 accuracy.)

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We have been working with sound therapeutically for over 40 years. With every tuning fork purchase, we are now providing a simple guide with recommendations for how to use the tuning forks therapeutically in a variety of ways.


- Weighted vs. Unweighted Tuning Forks

- What Type Of Tuning Fork Set Should I Buy?

- What Hz Frequency Is Best For Tuning Forks?

Harmonic Tuning Fork Recommendations

Binaural Tuning Fork Recommendations

Sunreed's Clear Path Tuning Fork Set

- Sunreed's Third Octave 8 Fork Tuning Fork Set

Weighted vs Unweighted Tuning Forks

Each tuning fork has a handle and two prongs, or ‘tines.’  Tuning forks may be ‘weighted’ or ‘unweighted.’  Weighted tuning forks, literally have a small weight attached to the end of the tines.  Unweighted tuning forks do not.  Each type has its own unique advantages.   

Weighted Tuning Forks: The weights on weighted tuning forks increase the vibration when struck. These forks are more effective for direct body application. Place the handle of the tuning fork directly into tissue where there is chronic tightness, or pain. Breath into the vibration as it enters the body. There is plenty of evidence that shows doing this just a few times brings immediate relief. You can also use the vibration to work directly with chakras, acupuncture points and bringing vibration and attention to inner blocks. Weighted tuning forks can't be heard from a distance. The sound from the forks can be heard when the handle is placed on the body, or if the forks are placed close to the ears. They are best for direct body application, or if you are wanting to bring the forks right up to the ears.

Unweighted Tuning Forks: The unweighted fork do not have a weight on the ends. They can still be used on the body, though just transfer less vibration. Unweighted tuning forks are more audible when struck. They have a fundamental tone that can be heard when placed up next to the ear, and also have a higher overtone that is easily heard from a distance. Unweighted forks can be used for more "distant" work. A client can feel the vibration as it moved through the air, as well as hear the forks, so for listening effect and pleasure, for ‘scanning’ the body, or ‘feathering’ the biofield of the subject, these can be wonderful forks to use.

Both tuning forks are activated the same way. One holds the fork by the handle so the tines can vibrate freely. When the tines are struck on a hard surface, they produce an vibration that sustains about 5-10 seconds.  One can strike them against a hard surface, against a simple tool such as our ‘activators, designed to give excellent sound to the forks, against one’s palm, knee, or thigh (be careful when doing this, they are hard), or against each other. When struck against each other, they do produce a higher overtone.

The vibrations are most often considered soothing, relaxing, moving, and can be used in a wide variety of applications in the therapeutic sound healing modalities, psychotherapy, bodywork, with reiki or other complementary methodologies.

See our Weighted and Unweighted tuning forks here, and our tuning fork Activators for best results when striking the forks, here.


What Type Of Tuning Fork Should I Buy?: Tuning Forks For Clearing And Aligning

The nature of healing, in holistic, or esoteric terms, fundamentally has two aspects; that of clearing, or that of aligning. Many of us, and many practitioners, focus on the clearing aspects of healing:  that which needs to be cleared away, let go and released.  This tends to focus on what is not right about ourselves, what needs to be fixed.  It focuses on the wound, the trauma, the pain, and the shadow.  While these may be necessary to clear, in order to see or proceed clearly, it does not provide a complete outcome of healing, nor understanding of what healing is, nor an understanding of what or who we are, once we realize a full state of healing.  We cannot be healed simply by getting rid of 'what is wrong' with us. We need a sharper tool or a sharper set of skills to understand and focus on for the right outcome of healing.  When we understand this, we can better focus our awareness and intention on that desired outcome.  Indeed, this is the very nature of intention, and the best path forward to achieve an outcome of holistic wellness or healing.

Realizing what healing is assists us a tremendous amount in this pathway to healing. By realizing who we truly are, what our true nature or essence is, we can focus on this aspect of our Self (Higher Self, authentic Self,) and align, awaken, remember, or realize it, Who We Are.  Most traditional spiritual schools (from Indigenous Americas to Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism, etc,) focus on self-realization, or realization of our true nature, as the nature of healing, of wholeness, as well as our ‘right relationship’ with the greater Cosmos, which leads us directly to connection to that greater state of being, and fulfillment of our ultimate or Divine purpose. By realizing this, it gives us the ability to focus on what healing truly is, on what we truly are, on what we truly want, what our purpose is, and how to attain a state of realization or fulfillment.  Everything else is entanglement, as one of the Great Masters said.

This is that aspect of 'aligning' with the higher ideals or aspects of the awakened Self, in relationship to the Greater Whole. When we truly get this, and set our intentions on this desired outcome, we are much more likely to attain it. Indeed, if we do not understand what the outcome of our intentions are, or the nature of what healing is, it is very difficult to focus on it, and thus, very difficult to attain to it, though it is our inherent state.  If we do not see that desired outcome, the end result of our practices and desires to achieve a state of healing, what that state truly is, it is extremely difficult to arrive.  And the challenges along the way may be very difficult and confusing.  This is, also, where aligning with authentic teachings, exercises, practices, and authentic teachers or guides can assist us greatly.

Most instruments typical in the field of sound healing therapies can assist us in one or both aspects of this path of healing: clearing, and alignment. Tuning forks are very effective tools in doing this. The inherent qualities of certain tuning forks and tuning fork sets are better for clearing, while others serve very well in the purpose of aligning.

Tuning Forks For Clearing: In general, binaural tuning forks have the inherent quality of clearing away energies (that which is not wanted, or non-beneficial). Using a binaural set of tuning forks will assist in disallowing patterns from arising as well as clearing them away. It is very difficult to hold onto habitual thought patterns when listening to a binaural oscillation, so these can be effectively used to help clients go into a greater state of clarity or awareness. Listen to some great examples of binaural sets below (with headphones!).

Tuning Fork Sets For Clearing

Tuning Forks For Aligning: Harmonic tuning forks are excellent for deep relaxation, and for alignment, awakening, realization, integration, and embodiment of these ideal inherent states of true essence. Harmonic tuning forks sets will create an uplifted state, in which you can rest into, and transform or align with beneficial states of wellness.  The harmonies of our musical system, used in our harmonic sets, are about ‘proportional relationships,’ or ‘right relationship.' The musical relationships of the harmonies are fundamental to the structure of not only our musical system, but the proportional relationships seen through all of nature. Simply place two harmonic forks on the body, or near the ears, and the client will have a positive uplifted environment in which to easily work in. The C and G Body Tuners have even been scientifically shown to elicit an automatic relaxation response from our nervous system.

Tuning Fork Sets For Aligning

Tuning Fork Sets For Both Clearing And Aligning: Two great options that can be used in a variety of ways are our Sunreed Clear Path set, and our 3rd octave 8 Fork Tuning Fork Set. Click here to read about both.

Tuning Forks Sets For Body Work: Forks that are more deeply pitched (150 hz or lower) will have a longer wave form, and will thus be felt in body tissue more readily. Longer weighted forks are in general considered more effective for treating pain management, connective tissue concerns, and so forth. Consider investing in a Otto 128, Otto 64, or Otto 32 tuning fork for working with tissue and joint pain. There are also sets like our Holy Harmony 111hz Set, and the Ohm Octave Set, which are a harmonic sets, but also have longer forks that can be used well on the body.

Each tuning fork set we offer has a sound file. We recommend deeply that you listen to the sound files (with headphones on), and listen into the binaural, or harmonies in each. Tune in a listen to what you actually connect with. What you want to listen to is an important aspect of what you want to work with.

While each fork or set may have an advertised purpose, we recommend above all to study the nature of ‘healing’ directly, and create a practice based in effective wisdom and therapeutic principles. Skillful means will far exceed any worry over which fork will be most effective for a specific outcome.  Intention and awareness are the best tools for your sound healing practice. 

There is a growing amount of excellent scientific research on tuning forks.  But be mindful of what you read online.  There are many claims and reports that are anecdotal in nature.  There is a growing sense of how these can be used for assisting in alleviating common distresses in the human psyche and physiology, such as in mindfulness and relaxation techniques, pain relief, relieving distress, assisting with mood and sleep disorders, deepening meditative experiences, and a general sense of well-being.  While there are anecdotal reports of healing for more severe physiological conditions, we highly recommend that any claims made about their healing potentials be well researched with evidence based scientific documentation.  While research is growing, and many report extraordinary benefits from various tuning forks, we cannot, nor do we make any claims for relief of medical conditions with simple use of tuning forks.  And we always advise to consult with licensed clinicians for such advice or relief.  There also is growing evidence that coupling sound healing instruments with mindful intention and awareness practices can be effective with many conditions.  We do offer training in these types of mindfulness/sound healing practices.


What Hz Frequency Is Best For Tuning Forks?  

Tuning forks have been used for centuries by musicians to tune instruments. Surprisingly, there are examples of people using tuning forks for healing for centuries as well, though tuning forks came into prominence as a healing modality in the last several decades. 

There are many ways people use tuning forks and many belief systems that go into using them, utilizing a variety of hz values, for example: 432hz, 444hz, 111hz, 136.1hz, 128hz or 528hz. “Hertz” (hz) is a simple term meaning ‘cycles per second,’ and also represents the ‘pitch’, the ‘frequency,’ or the ‘tuning’ of the fork.  “Hertz”, in general, is a measure of any wave form, such as sound, radio, electromagnetic or other repeating wave forms.  The higher the hertz value, the higher the pitch.  In general, lower wave forms move more readily through the body, higher wave forms are easier to listen to.  We would suggest what is easy to work with and listen to resonates roughly in the 100 to 528 hz range, though higher and lower forks can easily be heard.  And, the lower 32 and 64hz ‘Otto” tuning forks carry readily into the body for working with them.

Many claims are being made as to what frequency, or hertz (hz) will cure many diseases or other human conditions.  Most of these claims are at best anecdotal; few are supported by any science.  Nonetheless, there are excellent reports of the use of tuning forks as an effective tool for healing or wellness, with strong validation in some of these claims.  They are used in therapies both for humans and animals successfully. 

We, again, recommend not getting lost in the conversations over which frequency is best for certain conditions.  Rather, find value in a general sense of information that rings true for you.  And, better, listen to our sound files which are on each tuning fork page, listen closely, with headphones if possible, for best sound experience, and choose from what sounds good or ‘right’ to you!  Trust your own intuition about this.  Indeed, Daniel Webster defines ‘knowing’ as ‘that which is directly perceived!’

If using tuning forks for a sense of well-being and clearing of energetic states, there is not enough evidence beyond conjecture to show that one hz value is better than another. We at Sunreed Instruments, have found that the conditions for spiritual healing are found in our own awareness, and we must learn the skillful means of utilizing our awareness, rather than relying on a specific frequency. For example, the many Buddhas have attained mental clarity from their own skillful means and devoted practice, rather than from being exposed to a specific sound frequency that created peace. It is clear that sound works to help clear energetic states, when used with the correct quality of attention, though we would not say that a single specific hz frequency is necessarily more effective than another. Sound is a powerful tool, and ally, to use in your healing practice.  But, we highly encourage you to explore the nature of healing to effectively create your sound practice, versus trusting a magic pill of a particular frequency is going to do all of that work for you.  Listening to one tuning fork or another can do a great deal to dismiss stress, cause relaxation, or deeper healing effects.  Yet, it is more likely due to your receptivity of listening than to that particular pitch or frequency that is causing that effect.  We understand there are many choices and they can be confusing with so much information.  Still, empowering yourself with your own listening skills will improve your use of whichever fork or forks you choose.  And, we are available to assist you in that choice!

There is a lot of information about the benefits of different tunings online, and we do appreciate the efforts putting into exploring these tunings, and if you listen to them and resonate with them we do think it is a good idea to follow that intuition. We recommend to our students to feel into different sounds, and find sounds that they really enjoy working with, rather than utilizing sounds they are told they should use. We have sound files of each tuning fork set we sell, for you to explore. Listen to the sound files, and find a sound that you relax with, or naturally sink into, or easily brings you a sense of well-being. A great option is getting harmonic forks, that would combine to make an uplifting harmonic resonance. Below we have discussed various harmonic sets available. In general though, as a rule, we believe simply that the true work of healing comes from within, and you should choose hz frequencies which you enjoy, or that ‘touch’ you, even in ways you may not understand.  Our intuition is a powerful listening device, and may speak to us in ways unknown.  Learning to trust those intuitive glimpses can assist us a great deal in our healing journey, and in the choices we make for which forks or other instruments may be best for us.

There are some cases where specific hz frequencies may be very helpful or needed. For example, there are many scientific endeavors utilizing tuning forks for physiological health. Scientific experiments are being conducted with tuning forks for a wide range of physical health issues, such as utilizing specific frequencies to cure Alzheimer's disease, to cleaning the Bronchial tract, to increase nitric oxide release, or to assist with mood disorders. In general, if you want to work with binaural stimulation such as Theta or Gamma waves, you will need tuning forks that are specific hz frequency apart. Further, if you would like to use harmonics, such as the perfect fifth, the forks need to specific frequencies apart. We are specialists in these frequency differentiations, and which forks, when combined, create most effective balancing for harmonic or binaural stimulation, etc.  Below we detail specific tuning fork sets that work well for using harmonics, as well as binaurals.

There is as well a genre of tuning forks that works with easing muscle and joint pain. Examples of these tuning forks are the Otto 128, 64 and 32 tuning fork, as well as the Low Ohm Tuning Fork. It is not clear if these tuning forks need to be specific hz frequencies in order to alleviate physical tension, and is more likely that these tuning forks are reportedly effective because they are generally larger in size, produce more vibration, and can thus transmit more vibration into the body, which would presumably be more effective than a smaller fork in moving energy, increase blood circulation or other physiological stimulation in that region, etc. 

Below we go through various tuning fork sets we recommend, whose hz frequencies need to be specific in order to produce the correct result. These are tuning fork sets we’ve found to be effective, and/or to be backed by scientific and historical evidence. 


Which Tuning Forks We Recommend, and Why  

Harmonic Tuning Fork Sets 

body-tuners.jpgHarmonic relationships are a foundation to modern sound healing. Harmonics are simple mathematical relationships between two notes. When the notes are played together, they harmonize into an uplifted tone, and generally make us feel good. In our personal work, the perfect fifth, which represents a simple 3:2 ratio, is used at almost every meditation. It is clear from our years of work that the perfect fifth relaxes the nervous system, allowing our clients to make easily ease out of tension, into uplifted mental states. 

The perfect fifth is used by many proponents of tuning forks. The Body Tuners, perfect fifth pairing of C and G, are the foundational tuning forks for the work of John Beaulieu, who has studied the effect the perfect fifth has on relaxing our nervous system, and even helping to release nitric oxide improving our circulation, giving us a sense of warmth and well-being. 

There are 4 main harmonics that we use in our work, the third, fourth, fifth and octave. Each of these represented simple mathematical relationships, and come together to illicit beautifully uplifted environments to meditate in. 

For harmonics, we suggest the body tuners as a foundational set of forks to use, one placed next to either ear. There is also the ohm octave set. These are two forks, one playing the historical hz value for ohm, and one playing an octave higher, which is very beautiful. Next, we sell the 3rd octave 432hz tuned set of harmonic tuning forks. Listen to the sound files of these options, and trust your hearing with what you wish to work with.

We also highly recommend our new 111 Holy Harmonies 2 and 3 fork sets.  These are based in the wisdom of ancient mysteries from the Hypogeum in Malta, one of the oldest temples dedicated to the Great Mother, and a sacred sound chamber carved out of stone, in the sacred proportions of the Sacred Geometries, 3 stories below ground.  They are part of our Sacred Feminine instruments we offer for those in women’s mysteries studies.


 Binaural Tuning Forks 

tuning-fork-1.jpgTheta, alpha, beta, gamma and delta waves represent different ranges of frequencies, that are produced and present in the working of our brain. Scientists have studied these waves produced in our brain through EEG technology, showing that different wave frequencies represent different functions of our brain. Theta waves for example are involved in daydreaming and sleep. If they are suppressed, their can be poor emotional awareness and stress. In optimal amount, theta waves can support intuition and relaxation. Gamma waves on the other hand represent the fastest brain activity, and are related with cognitive functioning. 

Binaural stimulation is the subject of serious scientific study. For example MIT has begun research on using gamma waves in order to help Alzheimer’s disease, studying the relationship between gamma wave stimulation and memory. There have also been experiments with binaural stimulation that show a relationship between the use of binaurals and increase wakefulness and relaxation. 

Binaural waves are produced intentionally by presenting two tones that are specific frequencies apart from each other. Binaural wave therapies intentionally produce certain theta, alpha, beta, gamma or delta waves, in order to stimulate the production of these waves from our brain, which has shown to be effective. 

In our personal work, pairing theta binaural stimulation with meditation, we have found it very profound. While using theta stimulation with meditation, we have found generally theta stimulation supports nonattachment to thoughts, allowing for deeper meditation.

We have produced our own Sunreed Gamma Wave Tuning Fork sets. The fundamental note of the set is tuned to the classical hz frequency for Ohm, followed by another fork exactly 40hz apart, creating a gamma binaural. Another option for using binaurals with tuning forks are the Brain Tuners, which have Theta, Alpha, Beta and Delta options.


Sunreed’s Clear Path Tuning Fork Set

clear-path-set.jpgThe Sunreed Clear Path set is based off of two specific frequencies, that when used together are supposed to clear the biofield of all non-beneficial energy. These frequencies were discovered by a scientist, a “biogeometrist” who has spent his life discovering how shapes literally balance biological energy fields.

These tuning forks first came to us years ago through a friend, who introduced them to Zacciah Blackburn, the owner of Sunreed. Zacciah had a cat who unfortunately formed a cancerous tumor. These tuning forks were used on the cat for one week, and miraculously the tumor went away. The doctor, who had given the cat two months to live, could not explain how this happened. The tuning forks were thus used on the cat every day for 6 months. After 6 months, the cat began to refuse the tuning forks, and reformed the tumor, and died.

From that point, we developed the clear path tuning forks, which we have been told from many people, have truly supported their lives. The tuning forks have to be used together, on the body, at the same time to be effective.




Sunreed’s 3rd Octave 8 Fork Tuning Fork Set


For those wanting to engage in a more complete chakra practice, we recommend our 8 Fork 3rd Octave Chakra Weighted Tuning Fork Set.  This set also combines all major harmonics in a 2, 3 or 4 harmonic set of forks.  They are part of this set, so you can easily work with the principles of the harmonics as well, with this set.  If you are interested in clearing, aligning, awakening, or more fully activating the chakras, this set is an excellent tool.  Being weighted, they can both be heard, and applied for direction activation in the region of each chakra.  Being in the third octave, they carry the vibration more explicitly into the body than other 4th octave tuning fork sets.  We, of course, also recommend you study the chakras, so you have in depth understanding of their nature, and the practical application of using them as a focus in your healing journey or practice.  We carry, and highly recommend Anodea Judith’s “Wheels of Life,” one of the best resource guides on the chakras, their significance, qualities, and function in our multi-dimensional nature as human beings.  Understanding and using the chakras in your practice is an excellent way to more deeply evolve and embody your wisdom and grace as you empower yourself in your journey of human discovery, awakening, and evolution.


We welcome and encourage you in this journey.
We also encourage you to contact us to assist in your explorations, in your choices and selections, not just of tuning forks, but of the many common instruments used in a sound healing practice.

We also encourage you to explore our section on TRAININGS, both for your evolution as a sound healing practitioner, in our most in depth Certificate of Training programs, but, also, our one on one consultations and trainings for professional skill development, as well as our one on one therapies, if helpful.




Many blessings in your life and work,


Zacciah Blackburn, Owner

Jon Wood, Development Manager