Using Intention And Awareness

Using Intention And Awareness

Recorded 9.27.23



In this recording, Zacciah focuses on the meaning and use of intention and awareness in our own personal meditation practice, and in our therapeutic practice. We must understand the outcome of our practice, and steady our intention firmly on getting there with our awareness, if we would manifest such an outcome. We can use this principle in our own personal practice, to heal, as well in our therapeutic practice, to help others come into a state of healing themselves.



Let’s talk a little bit about awareness and intention.

In our practice, the concept of awareness and intention are fundamental to the nature of our practice. If we don’t really understand what we are doing, or have a clear goal or outcome we are seeking, in a practice with our client, then it becomes less clear what path we are going to take, what tools we are going to implement, and so forth.

In a medical wellness practice, we may be looking at physiological symptoms, and how we want to heal them. In psychological practices we are doing the same thing with mental or emotional states. The practitioner, no matter what methodology or practice they are coming from, needs to understand that intention, the outcome we are seeking to provide to our clients or groups in our sound healing community, is critical to how we proceed in our practice. Understanding that outcome in the greater sense is very beneficial to us.

Holding inner states of awareness that assist in coming into those states we want to create or provide for our clients or groups is very beneficial, if not integral, to our practice. We find that the inner states of awareness are what really drive our practice. If we can not hold a clear state, a coherent state, it is very difficult to bring that to others. Let’s say we want to provide a state or relaxation or peacefulness, then for the practitioner to create that inner state within themselves and fundamentally emanate that state in their vibratory or resonant field, helps others to align with those states. And when we begin sounding with that, then we are coupling our intention and awareness with the sound, and this enhances the vibratory or resonant quality of our work. It’s very important to understand this.

So, lets say we want to be sound healers. Understanding the resonant qualities of sound from a scientific to a mystical perspective is beneficial, and understanding the language we are using is also beneficial, because then we can stand in an integral place in that language. Let’s look at the word ‘healing’. If we talk to medical practitioners, psychotherapeutic practitioners, body workers and other mind-body practitioners, or holistic practitioners, we may have different ways of looking at what healing is in our practice. We work a lot with word origin, what the original meaning of a word is. We believe that when we step into original meaning and hold that, we often are holding resonance with the key vibratory significance of the language we’re using. In mystical or wisdom traditions, this is a key element of understanding. This is why sacred chant is so important in cultures that use it, or mantra, because you’re entering resonant states with the very sounds you’re creating, invoking states of being or holy ones, deities, and so forth. But why is that so? When we look at a word, we see that original meaning. So when we look at the original meaning of healing, we find it is derived from wholeness. So that gives us a good construct of what healing might be, if we’re looking from a holistic tradition. Indeed, the word holistic is rooted in the word wholeness. However, if we go further, if we look at the derivation of wholeness, then that derivation is holiness. That’s the original meaning of the word wholeness in the English language, so far as it can be derived. So, healing means wholeness, and wholeness means holiness. Now I understand that some people might have difficulty with the language of holiness, and that’s fine, but holiness suggests the derivation of ourselves or our inherent origin in unity with creation. From a soul or spiritual level, we arise from the heart of creation. We understand this. If we embrace this, then our path of healing must also embrace our state of wholeness connected to the greater whole, which is derived from our state of holiness connected to the very essence of spiritual being, spiritual goodness, the heart of creation. And this then aligns us with the principles of the wisdom traditions, of the sacred masculine and feminine aspects of creation, and how we can align with that and invoke and embody those, awaken those principles more fully within us to come into a state of wholeness…a state of healing.

This again comes back to intention, and awareness: awareness of what our essence is, our very nature; as well, intention in our practice, for how we are going to reach that outcome we have derived, first, by walking that path of wholeness and holiness within ourselves. Embracing and empowering ourselves with our knowing and our arrival, our awakening of our inherent nature, our divine essence, our birthright of children of creation. When we arrive at that place, we are holding and embracing it. We are embodying it. We are literally emanating it in our resonant field in our biofield. However, you want to define this. When we are holding that resonance, it helps others discover, awaken, and go into that resonance themselves. They want a taste of that fruit that you are holding out through your emanating energetic field. They feel that, they discern it. And when you use sound, it couples with that, to enhance the vibratory quality of that field. They then can feel and align more fluidity with that, because at a cellular level, entrainment of resonance is one of the fundamentals of creation, and one of the principles of sound.  Even within the field of science, this is a foundational principle, that things come into resonance with the stronger body of resonant in a field. So, when you hold a strong emanation of clarity, purity, wholeness or holiness within you, that is going to resonate into the field your client is a part of, into the room you are practicing in. When you couple this with sound, that is going to amplify that effect, what I call the field effect, of the sound and the inner states of awareness. And when you understand all of this, then you can use your intention to stretch your mind to embrace others, and help bring them into a state of clarity, wellness, wholeness or healing.

Intention is derived from the art of archery. It literally means to stretch one’s mind towards something, and in archery you’re not fixing your attention on the tip of the bow, or the strength you are pulling your string. These are important to take into account, in your perceptual field. But in archery, you’re stretching your intention towards that apple. You’re putting all your attention on that apple, on the outcome you want to affect. Where do you want that arrow to land? That’s where you fix your attention. So, in the art of healing, there to, fixing our attention on the outcome, manifesting the outcome within ourself, helps as we stretch our mind and awareness around the field of energy that we are emanating in our practice room. Whether it is a one-on-one client, or a group of ten or 50 people, it doesn’t matter. As we stretch our awareness and hold that outcome within us, and fill that field with that outcome, and begin to sound that field, then it will help everyone go into those coherent states of healing or wholeness.