The Light of Wisdom Series - Online - Monthly - Fall, 2023


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 The Light of Wisdom Series 

An Intermediate Program Leading To Advanced Studies 

With Zacciah Blackburn and Dorothy Stone

 Four Class Online ZOOM Seminar

Once Per Month

Beginning September 21, 2023

2-4 PM Eastern US Time

Registration Is Closed


Program Description

This series of Wisdom teachings will be guided by the lineage teachers and sacred beings guiding this body of work.

As it is only open to those who have worked with us before, those qualified to attend will understand the importance, relevance, and potency of the program and direct experiences that bring us to revelational states.
The content, as the work overall, is constantly evolving, but will be based in the principles listed below.

Program Dates, Fall 2023:  Thursday, September 21; Thursday, October 19; Thursday, November 16; Wednesday, December 6

                                             All programs held 2-4 PM, Eastern Time

In the series we will

· Explore the nature of Self Realization

o the ultimate purpose of our being

o who we truly are as spiritual beings

o and, why we are here.

· We will explore the nature of Compassion, of suffering and healing.

o What keeps us on an apparent path of affliction and suffering.

o Why can it not end?

o How do we integrate and sustain a heightened state of well being, awakening, or healing?

· What is going on in the world?

o How can we address it on a practical and individual level?

o What role do we play in how we view world, familial, and cultural events?

In this work, it is understood that Direct Revelation, Direct Experience, is the pathway for understanding that nature of the Cosmos, Who We Are, and the relationship between these two principles of being.

We will engage in rich experiential practices that have the potential to bring us into those deep revelational states and heightened states of realization, awakening, and enlightened being.

We will offer groundwork to prepare our ‘vessel’ as a carrier of Wisdom and Truth, to be our true essence, to empower us to do the work we came here to do.

Zacciah draws to his work multi-cultural perspectives and sacred guides and teachers of the subtle realms..


Program Prerequisites

This is an “Intermediate Level” program in the program offerings of Zacciah Blackburn and Dorothy Stone, of the Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies, in partnership with Sunreed Instruments. This program is an Intermediate Level program, designed as a catalyst of study and experience to bring students into Advanced Level Trainings.

It is for those who have already had sufficient introduction to the work of Zacciah and Dorothy to understand the principles of the work, the level and quality of direct experience they escort us to, and the potential their guides and ours have to bring us into awakened states of being, and integration of those states in our daily lives.

Prerequisites to participate in this Training:

You must have prior experience in any one or more of these programs offered by the Center of Light and Sunreed Instruments:

· participation in prior Advanced Series work

· a minimum of two weekend practices

· 1 four day training in either Sound Healing

· the “Nature of Transformation and Healing” practice

You will be asked to acknowledge which programs you last participated in your registration.

This will be a ‘live’ online program, offered via the zoom platform.

There will be no in person attendance.

Full payment is required for registration.

No refunds will be given.

About Recordings:

You will be asked to give permission for the programs to be recorded.

Recordings are made in ‘speaker view’ modality, so Zacciah and Dorothy’s screen should be all that is in a recording, unless you un-mute and speak or ask questions during question and answer times.

At this time, your ‘live’ attendance via zoom is required, to participate.

Recordings will be sent to those in attendance.

If you are unable to attend, and hope to receive the recording, you will need to contact us before the program as to what circumstances prevent you from attending.

This program is for students committed to furthering their development as spiritual beings during these extraordinary times of planetary change and transformation. This program will guide you toward ways you can be an integral part of this change, including some of our experiential practices. If you are reading this far, you likely ‘signed up’ to be part of these times as an awakened/illumined being, ready to be of service to this Great Awakening and time of human development.

Our Prior Program

This program will follow similar content to its last presentation in 2022, though the guidance Zacciah and Dorothy receive is constantly evolving:

Tara is a sacred name in many cultures, from India and Tibet to ancient Ireland. She is a feminine deity in Tibetan Buddhism, who represents the “Mother of Compassion,” or “Mother of all Buddhas” (awakened beings.) She is a guide and teacher, often coming to students ‘when they are ready.’

She has at least 21 emanations, often seen as various colors with highlighted qualities for each: a carrier of wisdom, compassion, and the pathways of Light and Enlightenment; a protector of those on the path, as well as keeper of the ‘Secret Teachings’ and the “meaning of the Secret Mantras.’

This series of Wisdom teachings will be guided by the emanations of Tara who have been working with us for some time, as well as other sacred beings and guides.

About the Instructors  Zacciah Blackburn & Dorothy Stone

Zacciah Blackburn is the Director of Sunreed Instruments and The Center Of Light, and is one of the most experienced instructors in Therapeutic Sound Healing in the world, involved in the field of healing music, sound and shamanic practices for over 40 years. He is a gifted intuitive, trained in classical healing and shamanic traditions, and sacred sound cultures. He teaches internationally, and practices in Vermont, USA. His work focuses on therapeutic sound, spiritual development, and indigenous earth mysteries. Zacciah utilizes sound coupled with sacred intention as a therapeutic tool, in mystical settings, for personal healing and transformation, in private therapies and workshop programs, providing illumined expertise in esoteric practices. He conducts tours worldwide of sacred sites, utilizing & sharing his skills for Earth healing rituals with participants, incorporating sacred sound.


Dorothy Stone is Co-Executive Director at Sunreed Instruments and the Center of Light.

Dorothy has been working in the area of health and wellness for over 30 years. Her background includes allopathic medicine, as well as decades in multiple therapeutic modalities, including sound, healing and consciousness.

Dorothy partners with Zacciah to bring forward the voice of the sacred feminine through sacred sound transmissions. Their co-creative energies bring forth a field of sound that facilitates and allows for the elevation of an individual’s meditative experience, and allows for a field of potential that holds the promise of sacred Union with the energies of transformation. Their merging of the seen and unseen worlds fosters a deeper understanding of our role in humanity’s journey into higher octaves of reality.


Full VSAC Grants For Vermont Residents

We are an approved educational course by the Vermont Student Assistance Corporation (VSAC).

Apply with VSAC for the Advancement Grant, for full tuition paid for our online courses. 

The application is easy, online, and your approval will happen quickly.

You must be a Vermont resident to apply.


Every Class Is Recorded
Every day of the class will be recorded. Please review the terms and conditions of having access to the recordings below.
Recording Terms And Conditions
By registering for a online educational program either with Sunreed Instruments, LLC or The Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies, LLC you give complete permission to Zacciah Blackburn, The Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies, LLC, of Chester, VT, and their agents and staff to record and use copies of recordings of this program, to provide to the students involved in this program, and to use as they see fit in their promotional materials.  You agree to not share or post any portion of this recording anywhere, or with anyone, without explicit written approval by Zacciah Blackburn.