The Nature of Healing and Transformation - Online - Monthly - Jan - April 2024

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 The Nature Of Healing And Transformation:

Awakening our Inner Core Truth

A Weekly Study of the Nature of Empowerment & Self-Realization 

This is Our Entry Level Course; Completion will allow you to enter

our Intermediate, then Advanced Level Courses in Consciousness Studies

With Zacciah Blackburn and Dorothy Stone

 Four Class Online ZOOM Seminar

 Tuesday Afternoons:

January 16th, February 13th, March 12th, and April 16th, 2024

2-4 PM Eastern US Time

Your attendance with video on is required for participation. Recordings will be provided. You must be in attendance to receive the recording.

You are not allowed to share any portion of these recordings with others, for any reason, on any platform, for any purpose, without expressed written permission from Zacciah.



Video: The Nature Of Healing And Transformation

Video: The Meaning Of Spiritual Healing

Program Description

This program is designed to ignite the core path of healing and transformation within us, to awaken and embody a deeper sense of our essential nature, innate being, and authentic Self.  In doing so, we are given the opportunity to embody our inherent wisdom, goodness, and deeper connection to the Greater Whole of Life. We will learn and utilize effective tools for discovering, facing, and embracing or dissolving the shadows, appearance and substance of obstacles, wounds, and entanglements we may carry, which can keep us from feeling healed, whole, or complete.  We may feel fragmented, or disenfranchised from life.  These experiences can frighten us, confuse us, create doubt or confusion, and dissuade or keep us from standing in our power or knowing, or from accepting our inherent worth and truth.  What is authentic healing? Who Are We really? How do we gain the empowerments of self-transformation and true wholeness?  What is our relationship to the Greater Whole?  How do we stand in that essence, that goodness, and Connection to the Greater Whole of Life?

This program is designed to give substance and quality experiential practice, learning, and benefit to novice and experienced practitioners. Participants are likely to gain extraordinary experience through this work, no matter one's current level of practice, and understanding in the healing arts. This can be most beneficial for practitioners in other therapeutic fields as well, for both personal and professional insight, integration, and use.  Most participants feel they experience and gain far more than they expected.

This program format will be through direct presentation and proven experiential sound healing meditation practices with Dorothy and Zacciah. There will be time for question and answer. This is an excellent segue into or complement of our sound healing training, as well. Though sound practices are a principle tool for experiential practice in this program, this is not a sound healing training.  It is part of our "Consciousness Series" of trainings, intended to assist in our evolutionary growth as human / spiritual beings.

Though this is an 'introductory program' into this body of work, these programs are by no means 'introductory'. There is no pre-requisite in this program. This is an 'entry level' program, which will allow you to progress in our series of consciousness practices.  This program will qualify you for registering in our Intermediate Level Program (currently the  Light of Wisdom Series, which serves as an introduction and opening pathway into our Advanced Level Studies.  Our next Advanced program is in November.  (Watch for program offerings and updates for Fall and Winter 2023-24.)

The program is conducted on line via Zoom

Four Classes, Tuesday Afternoons:

January 16th, February 13th, March 12th, and April 16th, 2024

2-4 PM Eastern US Time

If registered, you are expected to attend with your video on, to fully participate in the class.

The Zoom link will be provided to you as a download at checkout and in an introduction mail days before the program.

A recording of each class will be provided under the conditions listed at the bottom of this page, which you will be asked to agree to.

Who are we as humans?

What is our purpose and destiny here, embodied on this Earth?

What is the nature of healing and self-transformation?

What are we missing or lacking?

Why do we seem to be caught in cycles of emotional entanglement, neglect, an inability to stabilize our healing or insight, or continue other forms of suffering in our lives?

How do we discover an authentic pathway of healing and incorporate it into a state of continual Self Discovery, Self-Empowerment, Transformation, and Self Realization?

How do we establish a connection to the Greater Whole that we can truly feel and sustain?

Why are these components considered the final destination of our time here by so many wisdom schools on the planet?

How, and why do they view this as the very nature and path of healing?

Discover the vast beauty, goodness and wealth of our inherent being, and how to stabilize and integrate it into our everyday existence. Discover simple meditative practices that can build true insight, direct inner wisdom, even revelation, and a sense of true knowing and power.

About the Instructors  Zacciah Blackburn & Dorothy Stone

Zacciah Blackburn is the Director of Sunreed Instruments and The Center Of Light, and is one of the most experienced instructors in Therapeutic Sound Healing in the world, involved in the field of consciousness studies, healing music, sound and shamanic practices for almost 50 years. He is a gifted intuitive, trained in classical healing and shamanic traditions, and sacred sound cultures. He teaches internationally, and practices in Vermont, USA. His work focuses on therapeutic sound, spiritual development, indigenous wisdom, and Earth mysteries. Zacciah utilizes sound coupled with sacred intention as a therapeutic tool, in mystical settings, for personal healing and transformation, in private therapies and workshop programs, providing illumined expertise in esoteric practices. He conducts tours worldwide of sacred sites, utilizing & sharing his wisdom and skills for Earth healing rituals with participants, incorporating sacred sound.



Dorothy Stone is Co-Executive Director at Sunreed Instruments and the Center of Light.

Dorothy has been working in the area of health and wellness for over 40 years. Her background includes allopathic medicine, as well as decades in multiple therapeutic modalities, including sound, healing and consciousness.

Dorothy partners with Zacciah to bring forward the voice of the sacred feminine through sacred sound transmissions. Their co-creative energies bring forth a field of sound that facilitates and allows for the elevation of an individual’s meditative experience, and allows for a field of potential that holds the promise of sacred Union with the energies of transformation. Their merging of the seen and unseen worlds fosters a deeper understanding of our role in humanity’s journey into higher octaves of reality.



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Every Class Is Recorded For Future Review
Every day of the class will be recorded, and participants will be allowed to download the recording for future review of the educational material. We find very often that students will go back to their recordings time and time again to refresh their knowledge. Please review the terms and conditions of having access to the recordings below.
Recording Terms And Conditions
By registering for a online educational program either with Sunreed Instruments, LLC or The Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies, LLC you give complete permission to Zacciah Blackburn, The Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies, LLC, of Chester, VT, and their agents and staff to record and use copies of recordings of this program, to provide to the students involved in this program, and to use as they see fit in their promotional materials.  You agree to not share or post any portion of this recording anywhere, or with anyone, without explicit written approval by Zacciah Blackburn.  You agree to attend and be present for each program, with your video turned on.  We understand there can be unexpected life situations and emergencies that can keep you from attending every program.  We will review each request for absence individually if they arise.  The program is recorded on "Speaker Highlight", so your images or voice will not be seen or heard in the recording, unless you un-mute yourself to ask a question or share a comment.  If your questions or comments are recorded, we will not publish or share them with any others outside of the class without your explicit permission.