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Earn A Certificate In Sound Healing With The School Of Sound Healing

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Since 1990 Sunreed Instrument’s and it's sister company The Center of Light has run the School Of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies providing comprehensive training in therapeutic sound healing, which includes in depth studies of the inter-relationship between sound, healing and consciousness. Earn a Certificate In Therapeutic Sound Healing with our Four-Level Certificate Course The Foundations Of Sound Healing and gain a thorough foundation working with sound therapy as a healing modality. We explore the very nature of our essence, and purpose here, as Wisdom teachings across the world have since their inception. Our sound healing workshops and individual therapies and studies are designed to draw us to our own innate wisdom and personal power, develop intuitive guidance and authenticity, deepening relationship with that we hold as sacred, awakening the core essence of our being, and enlivening us to understand and fulfill our personal destiny. Our programming is designed for both experienced professionals working in the therapeutic fields, as well as beginners, incorporating esoteric studies and meditation practices with the deeply moving and transformative power of Sacred Sound Transmissions, a highly evolved method of sacred sound healing work. The courses are led by Zacciah Blackburn, and Dorothy Stone, online and (when possible) in person, both in the United States and internationally.

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24 Results (See Below)