The Two Aspects Of Healing

The Two Aspects Of Healing

Excerpt From The Foundations Of Sound Healing, Class 1, September 2023


Zacciah discusses the two aspects of healing. There is clearing. We clear that which is heavy, tense, suffering or those energies which do not serve us. There is also aligning. We align to coherent states of peace, joy, liberation, and to our true nature, of being healed and whole, in harmony with greater principles of the cosmos. In our work with clients, or in our own healing journey, we can focus on either aspect of healing, clearing or aligning. However, Zacciah focuses on the importance of the outcome. What is the end goal? Energy follows awareness. If we are attending to our wounds, then we are not healed, and we can not be healed, if we are focusing on how we are healed. We must align to our true nature.


There are two aspects of healing. In Peruvian mysticism there is not a word for negative energy. There is either pure energy or heavy energy.

Heavy energy is that which does not serve you. It is like carrying a heavy suitcase around that will just throw you off balance, weigh you down, and over time hurt you. There is heavy energy you should just be releasing, and find tools to release, discharge and transform. And then there are tools of awakening or what they call pure energy. It is aligning with the pure states of being. The more we can understand our pure nature, our inherent nature, and align with that, and activate that, awaken it, the inherent states of our being, in right relationship with the living aspects of the cosmos, this will enhance us in many ways.

The heavy energy is weighing us down. It is all the emotional obstacles, entanglements, or wounds we tend to carry, or get tangled in. It is also mental constructs of misbeliefs. Our beliefs that are not based in true reality, in the true nature of who we are within the greater construct of our understanding.

In an infinite universe there is always more for us to approach or embrace. So may I never imagine I am finished learning. So may I always be open to the greater embrace of life that is constantly inflowing, touching and blessing me, if I am open and receptive to it, or even at times when I am not open and receptive to it. The universe has its own ways of touching me with the greater mystery. The more I can be open to that and embrace it, the more I can come into that realization, and a living relationship with that living universe or cosmos, that is going to feed, nurture and help me evolve as a human being and spiritual being.

So, I have those things that need to be resolved, transformed, dispelled, let go, the shadow side, the negative side, the wound or the trauma, and then I have the state of inherent nature that I need to come into greater realization or actualization of. I need to align with, attune to, embody, or embrace, to become that which I truly am, in right relationship to the greater cosmos.

I can work with either one of these principles, and both have great importance, and when I learn to couple one of my sound practices with one of these natures of healing, with a specific desired outcome, it can really help enhance the practice. I can create tools to help me resolve or align with either one of these principles.

A great number of people in the holistic world tend to focus on what needs to be fixed or healed. However, this means I am wounded and not healed; and, if I am wounded, and need to be healed, then I am not healed. I can not be whole, or healed, if I am wounded, victim, or not well.

Let me just say, that as someone who has walked through cancer, and came from a childhood of abuse, trust that I understand how heavy the energy can be. So, I understand the nature of trauma, abuse, of physiological illness. I do understand and I also understand pathways through it. I understand there are pathways through these most difficult processes, to come to a state of healing. Though in the end, I can never be healed, as long as I am not, and it up to me in the end, to choose a state of wholeness that I will reside.

I as a facilitator can help others see this, and help them come into this state of healing. And I found that focusing on the essential nature of self helps myself and others unfold and let go of the shadow and that which is not true. Because if I hold fast to the principle of light, the darkness simply can not prevail. And, I’ve had master teachers drill this for me; if I hold fast to the principle of light, the darkness has no room. It is like a dark place at night; turn on the light switch and what happens? The darkness is gone. It can not exist as long as you choose to hold fast to the light and emanate that. Yet the darkness may come again, but by focusing on essence it provides me the tools, wisdom and understanding to meet that shadow and darkness, in a way of goodness that will resolve it. As my Peruvian teachers taught me, it is through the consistency of releasing heavy energy, and aligning with pure energy. It was actually my breath that taught me this completely. Within your breath you are taking in nourishment and sustenance, and you are releasing all the toxicity that does not serve you. And yet in the community of nature it is breathing life into all that is green. So, what is toxic to me is life for another, and what is released by the trees is life for me, and here we are in living relationship with life. I breath out that which does not serve me, and I breath in what no longer serves the tree. Here I am releasing heavy energy and aligning with nourishing energy; release and align, release and align.

Here are two principles to work with. Though, if we focus just on what is not healed, it will be difficult to feel and realize that state of wholeness and healing, that we are. When we fix our attention upon that state of wholeness and grace, we are going to come into alignment with those principles, and grow more fully and feel more worthy.