About Sound Healing

Zacciah Blackburn discusses the field of sound healing and therapeutic sound:

Sound Healing is a growing field of therapeutic healing arts.  Interest in therapeutic sound healing is developing rapidly, because it is an effective tool for well being, with an expanding body of research to support its validity as an interventive tool for wellness in body, mind, and spirit.

Sound Healing can be defined as the intentional use of sound to create an environment which becomes a catalyst for healing in the physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual aspects of our being.  There are many methodologies and many tools used for sound work, from highly technical medical & scientific instruments to simple ancient tools of the shamanic, indigenous, and 'wisdom' cultures of the world.  Sound is being used therapeutically, throughout the human life cycle, from creating a calming and soothing atmosphere at birth, to enhanced modalities to assist in the peaceful transition at death.  Sound practices are blossoming in fields of personal growth, spiritual wellness, and yoga, as well as, in medicine, complementary and alternative medical practices, psychotherapy, physical therapy and therapeutic body work.   One can find vast and varying bodies of information on the therapeutic use of sound and music.  There is so much information, we highly recommend finding reputable dealers and educators in the field.  We have been involved in this field since the early 1970's, and have an international audience.

Cultures the world over use sound to promote wellness and healing, to attune to, invoke, and transform consciousness.  From the medicine elder drumming, chanting and rattling over his subject, to the Tibetan monks enhancing their meditations and rituals with the sounds of drums, horns, bells, and precious metal bowls, to the ancient chants in Christian Cathedrals, and the Australian aborigine playing a didgeridoo to invoke his Ancestors, sound is and has been utilized since the earliest of times to heal, instill wellness, make connection, and enrich communion. 

As two examples, the new tools of Pure Quartz Singing Bowls and Tuning Forks have a growing audience, because the impact of these simple tools can take us into deep meditation, inner stillness, or assist us to enter states of transformative healing.  While many report such experiences anecdotally, there is a growing body of research and science supporting the tools of meditation with sound, rhythmical entrainment for the learning disabled and neurologically impaired, and so many more uses.  (Call us to ask about the instruments you have interest in, how to use them, and what are the best selections for your intended use!)

Sound is a powerful tool, because it is vibrational in nature, and we are vibrational beings.  Indeed the most modern science shows us that all life is vibrational in nature.  Even deep space is in fluctuation (wave movement,) as is the space between your tissues and cells.  This is in line with age old mystical thought of most cultures, which often alludes to the vibrational nature of Creation.  Science is re-affirming the fundamental nature of harmonics and proportional geometries which are at the very foundation of all manifest life, from atomic structure to leaf and seed patterns, the curvature of the nautilus shell, spiral galaxies, and the human embryo, all following the same foundational language of harmonics and proportions found throughout the full spectrum of life.  This is one of the reasons why we suggest the harmonic intervals of crystal bowls, for instance, as science shows the direct result of deep relaxation just by listening to the harmonic intervals of music, derived from these same laws of physics that spin the galaxies, and unfold the sunflower in spiral form.

Sound creates the ability to move energy, stabilize thoughts, instill deep states of relaxation, enable the cyclical release of toxins in the body, create a measurable sense of wellness, enhance modern medical therapies, and so much more.  The field is growing rapidly, with so many modalities and methodologies.  We can recommend books (not all listed on our site but available through our store,) and direct you to such research.

That movement of energy can be enhanced by a Native Drum or rattle, that stillness inspired by a Tibetan or Crystal bowl, a bell, or exhale from daily stress while listening to a simple set of two tuning forks in harmonic intervals, or the inspiring sounds of the Koshi chimes.

We all know the power of the spoken word, of music, of chants and sung melodies, can move us into ecstatic states of rapture or deep states of despair.  There is an inherent potency to the very nature of the sound itself, and its emotional content, which can be amplified or enhanced by the intentional use of an instrument, with or without the spoken or sung verse.  While so much music in western culture has moved more into the secular arenas of entertainment, music in many cultures has historically held a deeply sacred space in the hearts and minds of their peoples, used as a catalyst to deeper insight, wisdom, transformation, or growth.

Our staff is greatly versed in both the traditional and more ancient use of sound in such wellness practices, as well as the contemporary application of sound in therapeutic treatment, for oneself, or for the practicing professional clinician.  We are available to assist you, to consult with you, about best choices and instruments for your use.

Sound itself has an inherent transformative power.  Sound is attuned to the creative matrix of the universe.  By coupling sound, or music, with pure intention, to attune to, invoke, or transform one's consciousness, we indeed have stepped into a powerful place.

Not only do we offer excellent knowledge base and skilled guidance in selecting your instruments, we have highly qualified practitioners to provide one on one therapeutic insight, by phone or in person, offer individualized Skill Development Programs for one's personal and professional use, and extraordinarily in depth trainings, lasting from 3 days to 3 years, in the field of therapeutic sound healing.  (See more on these topics at our Center of Light links.)

No matter what techniques are used, sound is the current creating a potential field of relaxation or homeostasis, known to promote the body's natural healing cycles.  With proper awareness and intentions, it can create the proven potency of coherent emotions into the cells, and stabilize the mind and body for enriching that wellness.  When one understands the true nature of "healing," it offers us even more potential for wellness and growth in our lives.

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And, Good Soundings!!

Zacciah Blackburn, PhD

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