Heaven and Earth: Twin Stars: Divine Self; Divine Purpose.

This is an article on the nature of the Earth Star and Soul Star chakras, or energy centers.  We also reference the liner notes for the Twin Star CD, viewable in our Sound Healing CD  section, as well as the nature of Zacciah's method of toning or channeling sacred sound in his CD's and practices.

See also, our Heaven and Earth Premium 9 Bowl Chakra set, which relates to these seats of consciousness.  


Twin Stars: Divine Self; Divine Purpose.

Our Divine Self and Divine Purpose hold the yoke which binds us to this lifetime.
Until we fully understand and awaken our Divine Nature, and embody it in complete and harmonies alignment with our purpose in Life, we shall continue the dance of seeding and unfolding of karma, the law of reciprocity.

Our Divine self holds the essential nature, the Light and Wisdom of the Self, to embody and awaken fully to Who We Are.

Our Divine Purpose holds the Life Force, the energy necessary to bring us to that place of fulfillment, of Self Realization of our Essence and Reason for Being.
There are two luminous spheres, what we call the Soul Star, and Earth Star, which anchor these essential energies to our being.  The Soul Star, also known as the Ba, the 8th Chakra, and other names by other esoteric traditions, is located above the crown.  It is often perceived as a golden luminous sphere, and depicted in the awakened state as the halo around or above the crown in various spiritual traditions.  The Earth Star is less understood and utilized, in our search for ‘higher’ meaning.  It is, similarly, beneath us, a radiant, often silver or luminescent white sphere, in the earth, associated with the root chakra, but anchoring deeper wisdom, intelligence, and connection to the Earth and Earth embodiment, as well as direct connection to the Intelligence of the Earth, Communion with her heart and consciousness, as well as that of the Earth planes, the Medicine and Ancestral Realms, etc.  By focusing on this seat of consciousness, in the Earth, usually perceived about 2-3 beneath us, we can feel the anchoring and support of the Earth, her life force rising through us, and sustenance, nourishment, and enlivening of our life experience, through that rising life force.  While some traditions hold that we have this life force wrapped within us, like the coiled serpent, Kundalini, many traditions recognize, this seat of consciousness which is one of the intermediaries between Earth and Sky, and our fundamental embodiment here.

By awakening and enlivening these Two Stars of Consciousness, above and below us, and bringing them into fertile relationship, and union, we awaken and enliven, literally, our Divine Nature and Purpose.  When we rest in the fertile resonance between these Twin Stars of the Self, we feel the pulse and dignity of Spirit, the vigor necessary to be alive and come into our Purpose and Potential much more fully.  It is a powerful state to experience.

Zacciah offers the Twin Star CD to assist us in experiential understanding of these two sacred seats.  Our sacred sound meditations are designed to uplift the spirit, align with our highest source being, dissolve the obscurations of our being (deep healing release,) and empower our selves with our highest essence, vision, wisdom, and being.  The union of self essence and life purpose is an integral point in our path to completion, wholeness, healing, and fulfillment.

We are guided by the profound wisdom of the Holy Beings of the Subtle Realms.

Zacciah has worked conscientiously with these Holy Beings, since his earliest remembrances, and guided directly since his early adulthood.


Liner notes for the CD:

The Twin Stars
A Sacred Sound Shamanic Initiation

The Twin Stars practice is an advanced level practice intended to awaken, harmonize, and bring into perfect union our Divine Essence and Purpose. It activates two powerful seats of consciousness (chakras) used primarily in esoteric wisdom schools. These are chakras at the zenith and nadir of our human bio-field (energy body,) which hold critical aspects of our Essence and the life force to fulfill our Divine Purpose. Our Essence is who we are as spiritual beings, our Luminous Being, and all of its qualities, incorporated into and embodied in human form. Discovering who we truly are, and why we are truly here is critical to our evolution as spiritual beings. Our Purest Essence and the life force to fulfill our Life Purpose reside in these two seats. This practice, which in essence is a shamanic initiation, utilizes advanced shamanic/sacred sound techniques and transmissions, incorporating esoteric wisdom of the Matrix of Union of the Divine Feminine aspect of Life Force and Divine Masculine aspect of Universal Consciousness, which is fundamental to most spiritual wisdom schools. This is the Essence of All Life, and resides at the core of our being.  As we draw these two aspects of our self into right resonance, or relationship, we come into perfect union with the principles of the Cosmos, which, also, bring us into extraordinary states of clear and sentient being, creative Potential and our innate reality as Luminous Beings in this universe.


Track One:
Introduction to the Practice:   (time)
Track Two
The Twin Stars Practice:  (time)

Zacciah Blackburn is a trance channel and Sacred Sound vessel deeply immersed in the wisdom base and esoteric arts of indigenous cultures and mystery schools of the world.  He brings with him an extraordinary ability to both articulate the wisdom of these cultures in meaningful ways and to guide practitioners into life altering experiences.  The practices and teachings of these cultures, as well as those he channels from the higher realms of luminous beings, are available to us all.   This work is intended to elevate us to our highest potential, and enter the ever fulfilling jewel of Self-Realization, in relationship to the Greater Cosmos.

About Zacciah's tones, and listening to these recordings:
Zacciah uses an explicit method of invoking and toning the voices and transmissions of sacred luminous beings from within the subtle worlds, where they reside. Since late adolescence, he has held special relationship with guides, teachers, elemental, ancestral and other holy beings of these realms, which have influenced and guided his life and teachings since that time. He calls this method of intonation "Sacred Sound Transmissions."  Using this form, Sacred Sound embodies and carries energy and information from the subtle worlds into the tangible spectrum of our existence, through our neurology, cellular resonance, and human bio-field (energy body.) It has been used this way throughout human history, perhaps similar to how modern technology uses radio waves and other electromagnetic techniques to transmit energy and information today.   In this work, Zacciah's sole focus is on attuning to, and channeling the voices and transmissions of these beings, as a vessel in service to the elevation of all living beings.  Zacciah does not come from a trained background in vocal technique, but uses refined techniques of subtle consciousness and shamanic arts (seeing into other worlds,) to attune to and give voice to these holy beings as he perceives them, and as they move through him.  Some tones are unique and rare, and, may sound 'odd' to the western ear.  However they are often not unlike those used by indigenous elders in sacred rituals, or wisdom school chant masters of other cultures.

It is highly recommended one listen to these recordings when one has time to come into a restful place, absorb the teachings, follow the meditative practice, and listen to the vocalizations from a subtle energy perspective, rather than musical alignments.  Most people in practice with Zacciah, report remarkable if not life-altering experiences. 
For the best results, it is recommended to wear headphones, not be engaged in other activities, and have time to both integrate the 'energetics' of the practice, and to acclimate back into more normal states of consciousness and interaction in one’s daily life.