Sunreed Gamma Wave Weighted Tuning Fork Set

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Sunreed Gamma Wave Weighted Tuning Fork Set


Size: ~8 inch

Weight: ~4 oz.

When And How Will It Ship: These tuning forks typically will ship the day of or after ordering. They ship with FedEx, and will arrive typically 3-7 days after shipment.

What You’ll Receive: 1 Weighted Fork tuned to Ohm 136.1hz, 1 Weighted Fork tuned 40hz apart to make gamma wave, Blue carrying pouch

Free Educational Download - You will also receive a free educational guide for how to use tuning forks therapeutically, downloadable from your order confirmation email. This guide has simple advice for how to use weighted and unweighted forks with clients, to support your experiential practice.

Made In The USA: All of our tuning forks are manufactured in the USA with space grade aluminum alloy for long lasting exactness of pitch. 

Product Description:

About Binaural patterning

Binaural wave patterns have been studied and used in research and science, and in the field of therapeutic sound and music for decades. It is well established that binaural patterning can effect brain states and an overall sense of well being, as well as benefit concentration, movement, learning, memory and perception.

About Gamma Wave binaural stimulation

Binaural stimulation occurs when two wave forms (in this case, sound waves,) are close enough in frequency to create a third oscillation, or wave form. It can be heard as a rhythmical stimulation.
Recent research at MIT and other leading research institutes have discovered that gamma wave light stimulation decreases the buildup of plaque in mice predisposed to Alzheimer's symptoms. In actuality, the gamma stimulation appears to increase activation of cells called microglia, which improve immune function, and removal of protein associated with the buildup of plaque. The gamma stimulation also seems to increase the mice's brain function around memory, planning and decision making, and learning.
More recently, MIT introduced the use of sound stimulation in the gamma range of 40 hz.
The use of sound stimulation appears to increase even more the effect of gamma stimulation in mice.
While this has not been tested in humans as of this date, it creates promising results for medical and research scientists.
(--primary resource is New York Times article by Pam Belluck, March 14, 2019; much research is available on line on this subject, including the MIT studies.)

About Our Gamma Wave Binaural Repatterning Tuning Fork Set

We have designed a set of tuning forks, based in the 136.1 "Om" frequency, to replicate the 40 hz gamma stimulation. While no medical claims are intended or implied, we find simply 'resting' in the sounds stimulated by the two forks pulsing in proximity together, is beneficial to establish a sense of mindful awareness and relaxation. Meditative and healing practitioners will understand that this foundation state of mindfulness is highly beneficial in working with clients and others, as well as one self, to develop deeper states of awareness, meditation, relaxation, and other beneficial healing practices.
We recommend striking the forks on one's hands, thighs, or any hard covered surface (don't scratch the table,) and simply drawing them up close to one or both ears, and resting in the sound. Use one's breath to go deeper into a restful state while simply listening.
We recommend using both forks at the same time, though either can be used independently. The Om fork, especially, has been used for many years in the tuning fork industry for therapeutic sound applications.
The unweighted forks are best for simply listening, though both weighted and unweighted are beneficial in this way. The weighted forks can also be for direct application to body and tissue, as well.
We do not recommend placing on or near the skull; but, if attempted, we recommend to not use this technique for more than a few moments.
However, weighted tuning forks have historically been used for movement of energy along the meridians, heightening of awareness, pain reduction in bones, connective tissue and joints, and other such uses when applied directly to the body.
Simply apply direct pressure of the base of the fork(s) to the area of the body you wish to experience the vibrational resonance in or near. Again, we recommend use together for the binaural effect, but either one can be used individually.
Hold the forks by the single tine at the bottom, and strike once as indicated above.

Additional resonance will, also, occur, with our 'Crystal Attenuators,' which may bring greater efficacy, especially to the weighted forks.
See information on these here.