Sacred Feminine Triskele - 111hz Holy Harmonies Healing 3 Tuning Fork Set

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 Sacred Feminine Triskele - 111hz Holy Harmonies Healing 3 Tuning Fork Set

Size: ~9 inches, ~10 inches

Weight: ~4 oz., ~8 oz.

When And How Will It Ship: These typically will ship next day with FedEx, and will arrive typically 3-7 days after shipment.

What You’ll Receive: 111hz Holy Healing Tuning weighted fork, with perfect fifth (166.5hz) and octave (222hz) weighted forks included, in 3 sleeve blue carrying pouch

Free Educational Download - You will also receive a free educational guide for how to use tuning forks therapeutically, downloadable from your order confirmation email. This guide has simple advice for how to use weighted and unweighted forks with clients, to support your experiential practice.

Made In The USA: All of our tuning forks are manufactured in the USA with space grade aluminum alloy for long lasting exactness of pitch. 

Product Description


We support the understanding, wisdom, and sanctity of the Sacred Feminine.

In most traditions, the Sacred Feminine has been honored as an equal aspect of the nature of Creation.  Indeed, the very nature of Nature herself is considered a manifestation of the Sacred Feminine forces of Creation, as seen through the honoring of the Earth as an aspect of the Great Mother in most traditions.  As we witness the re-awakening and resurgence of the Sacred Feminine principle, we at Sunreed, honor and support this principle as well.  This is one of a number of products we are creating in honor of the principles of the Sacred Feminine.  Those working with these principles will especially enjoy the products we are and will be featuring, such as our Women's Mystery Egg Rattle, 13 Sided Deer Drums, or our European style Shamanic Reindeer drums.  We are creating new drums, crystal bowl sets, and other products that will soon be available relating to this aspect of the sacred work.  You may find aspects of it already available in those sections of our products.  You may consult with us about potential combinations to support this resonant principle in your own life and work.  Feel Free to Contact Us.

The Triskele is an important and near-universal symbol of the feminine aspects of creation:  manifestation, sustenance/nourishment, and transformation.  This is seen in the Celtic wisdom of "Mother, Maiden, Crone," which holds deep and powerful understanding within its mysteries.  As the respect for the feminine re-emerges in our culture, so too, it is being honored more and more in contemporary wisdom teachings, and personal experiences.

These tuning forks are based in the "Holy 111hz" resonance described below.  Where one of the oldest sacred temples reflecting the wisdom of the traditions of the Sacred Feminine, holds a key resonant signature of 111 hz.  Almost everyone we know in the field of sound and shamanic healing who has experienced the Hypogeum chamber, speaks to the wonders of the experience there, the background field effect of simply being present, but also the incredible experience when tuning into the vibratory frequency of the place, 'entraining' to the fundamental resonance of it.  And, those who are able to experience sound work, entraining to those frequencies, report remarkable revelational experience.  We know it to be true in the many sacred sites we have worked in, throughout the world.
We are using the perfect fifth and octave in relation to the 111hz fundamental resonance, as a foundation of sacred nature, as seen through the sacred geometries, represented audibly through the harmonics of our musical systems.


The Hal Saflieni Hypogeum is an ancient underground temple of Malta, built between 3500-2500BC. A specific chamber of the hypogeum, the Oracle Chamber, resonates at 111hz. This is an ancient spiritual site, that is believed to be constructed as a sound dome with high resonance, and was suspected to be used for ceremony using sound. Other sacred sites around the world have been found associated with 111hz. Paul Devereux, an archaeo-acoustician professor from Cambridge, while studying the burial mound of Cairns discovered them to resonate at 111hz as well. Finding multiple structures, assumed to be used for ritual, resonating around 111hz has led researchers and therapeutic professionals to explore using this hz frequencies for healing. In modern times, researchers at UCLA, seeing how ancient structures across cultures resonated between 110hz and 112hz, have studied the effect of this small range of hz frequencies on the human brain seeing a decrease in activity in the left temporal lobe, which associated with processing language. Spiritual therapeutic professionals have as well reported the transformative potential of using this frequency in a therapeutic environment. 

We are providing this 3 fork harmonic set, starting with the fundamental 111hz tuning fork, coupled with the perfect fifth fork, and octave harmonics fork, reaching into the higher 222hz octave. Adding in the 222hz octave tuning fork adds in beautiful uplifted harmony, that creates an environment of joy to sink in.  With the perfect fifth, the combination of resonance provides further depth to the sound experience, both utilizing the 111hz tone, but also the harmonic fifth and octave above. Coupled with simple listening or meditative practice, this can readily create a feeling of wholeness, sanctitude, or sanctuary, nesting, balance, centeredness, restoration, and nourishment within.  Imagine resting in the Heart of the Mother, or the Heart of Perfect Wisdom, as you play these forks for yourself or others.  Being weighted, you can also use direct vibrational application to the body for enhanced resonant experience, coupled with clearing or alignment/invocation practices.  

These tuning forks are produced especially for us by one of the most well renowned tuning forks manufacturers in the United States. High quality metal alloys are used to create a tuning fork that will resonate clearly, with a long sustain, and can withstand use over time without going out of tune.