16" Peruvian Frame Drum P165

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Peruvian Frame Drum

Please note: The sound file is a general sound file of a 18" Peruvian Drum, but not the exact drum listed here. The picture is of the exact drum you will receive.

Size: 16 x 3
When And How Will It Ship?: This will ship FedEx within 2 days of ordering, and will typically arrive with in 3-5 days after that.
What Will I Receive?: 1 Peruvian frame drum and 1 drum mallet. The drum pictured is the exact drum you will receive.
These Peruvian Drums are made by Tatito, from Qoya, Peru. This is a small village in the Sacred Valley of Peru outside of Cusco. He started making drums as a teenager, and now has over 20 years of experience. He started making these drums out of necessity when he was younger and he didn't want to follow in his father's footsteps of working the land or in construction, so he started by helping a friend who made djembes, and branched out to find his unique drum style. He sees his drums as more than just instruments. To him, they are spiritual beings that help to connect us with Self, with Spirit, and with Source. He makes every single one with intention, with prayer, always honoring the animals that have passed as they transition into their new shapes as drums. He sees the process of making a drum as a journey of transformation, an opportunity to give these animals a second life to be reborn into these spiritual beings.

Most of the drum is completely hand crafted by him. He builds the frames out of pine, pachaco or other types of wood available. He receives goat hides from close families, who would’ve otherwise discarded the fur. He does not necessarily look for any type of fur, but just gets what is most sustainable, in this case goats from small family homestead farms in Peru. He processes the hide himself, leaving most of the fur on the hide because he likes the depth of tone it adds to the drum.

The sound quality of these drums is very similar to our Traditional Native American Frame Drums. The 18 inch gives a beautiful rich bass note. The 16 inch has a bass note with some higher notes as well. The 16 inch is better for those concerned about weight. They are very well tide, and the skin is tightly stretched.

On many of the drums he will add a geometric pattern, such as the Peruvian Chakana, which represents the four directions and four organizing principles of the universe.

The drum beaters are made from warango or quiswar wood. He fills the fluffy fabric with sheep wool to bring out a deep bass note from the drum. These are very similar to our Sunreed Soft Beaters in tonal quality.