Ultimate Sound Healing Gift Set

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Product Description:

This set contains:

  • 9 Bowl Heaven & Earth Set: 14" F, 14" C, 13" D, 12" E, 11" F, 10" G, 9" A, 8" B, and a 8" High C
  • Classic Nesting Cases: one 12" and three 14"
  • 8 Suede Strikers & Orings
  • 2 Silicone Ball Striker
  • 2 Quartz Crystal Striker
  • Your choice of a 18" Deer or Buffalo Drum
  • 18" Quality Drum Bag
  • Sunreed Soft Beater
  • Set Of 4 Koshi Chimes
  • Medicine Rattle With Fur -  Your choice of bear, buffalo, moose, or elk
  • Shell Rattle
  • 1 Black Emu Egg Rattle
  • Gamma Wave Weighted Tuning Fork Set
  • Tuning Fork Activator
  • 2 Large Tuning Fork Crystal Attenuaters - Your choice of two of the same or different crystals, options include clear quartz, chalcedony, lapis lazuli, purple turquoise, rose quartz, or amethyst
  • Weighted 8 Fork Third Octave Tuning Fork Chakra Set Tuned to Perfect Pitch 432hz
  • Your choice between a 26" Chau or Wind Gong
  • 1 Traditional Chinese Gong Mallet
  • 1 Circular Metal Gong Stand
  • Beginners Gong Mallet Package - Includes a Fuzzbucket Gong Mallet, Easy To Use Friction Mallet, Crazy Egg Friction Mallet, and a set of Gong Rollers

This set retails between $4,693.95 - $4,878.95. This set has it all, for a much reduced cost.