Beginners Gong Mallet Package

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Product Description: This set contains:

Dragonfly Percussion Fuzzbucket Gong Mallet

Gong Rollers

Egg Friction Mallet

Easy To Use Friction Mallet

The Dragonfly Percussion Fuzzbucket Gong Mallet is a lightweight, well balanced, comfortable to hold soft gong mallet that will work for small and large gongs, bringing out the deep depths of the gong. The gong rollers can be used to strike the gong softly and quickly, bringing the gong up to the point of crash quickly, and controlling the nature of the crash. The Egg Friction Mallet will create lower friction noises, while the Easy To Use Friction Mallet will create higher whale like friction noises. In total this package will allow you to explore the many sides of your gong.