Beginner Sound Healing Gift Set

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Beginner Sound Healing Gift Set

When And How Will This Ship? This package typically will ship out next day after ordering with FedEx and arrive within 3-5 business days

Product Description:

This set contains:

  • A 12" C Frosted Singing Bowl with your choice of 440hz or 432hz tuning
  • A 12" Classic Nesting Case
  • Oring & Suede Striker
  • Silicone Ball Striker
  • Quartz Crystal Striker
  • One Koshi Chime with your choice of tuning (Water, Fire, Earth, or Air)
  • One Peruvian Rattle (Please let us know what design you would like)

 This set retails between $515.93-$575.93

These three items were chosen because they offer a beginner different opportunities to both clearing and aligning. The rattle is a naturally clearing instrument, breaking up stuck energy, allowing release, and transformation. The Peruvian rattle itself is joyful in sound, so can as well be used to align to joyful states. The Koshi chime is often used at the beginning or ending of a meditation, to allow participants to align to a state of peace and tranquility. The crystal bowl can as well be used for both clearing and aligning depending on how it is used. It as well offers a sustaining drone to help support concentration in a meditation.

The 12" C is also a great place to start with frosted crystal singing bowls. It is easy to expand harmonically from this C into a harmonic set, or into a full 7, 8 or 9 bowl set in the future. Participants are often drawn to this note over other notes in the C scale, because of it's depth. With the bowl comes a case, and as well two upgraded strikers that bring out the pure sound of the bowl with ease.