Meditation Download: The Twin Stars Practice

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The Twin Stars:

This is a downloadable mp3 version of our Twin Star CD practice.

It is a very beneficial practice, in and of itself, but is used in conjunction with our Heaven and Earth Premium 9 bowl crystal bowl chakra set, and included as a gift as part of that set.

It is an in depth sacred sound meditative practice, to awaken and unify our lower root and higher crown chakra, which reside at the 'north and south' poles of our electromagnetic 'biofield', or, our subtle energy body.  The awakening and unification of these two sacred seats of consciousness and life force allow us to enter inherent union with our essence and purpose, and the life force to fulfill our purpose here on Earth.

It comes in two parts, with a spoken introduction, then an in depth guided sacred sound meditation.

The Twin Stars:  Divine Self; Divine Purpose.

Our Divine Self and Divine Purpose hold the yoke which binds us to this lifetime.
Until we fully understand and awaken our Divine Nature, and embody it in complete and harmonies alignment with our purpose in Life, we shall continue the dance of seeding and unfolding of karma, the law of reciprocity.

Our Divine self holds the essential nature, the Light and Wisdom of the Self, to embody and awaken fully to Who We Are.

Our Divine Purpose holds the Life Force, the energy necessary to bring us to that place of fulfillment, of Self Realization of our Essence and Reason for Being.
There are two luminous spheres, what we call the Soul Star, and Earth Star, which anchor these essential energies to our being.  The Soul Star, also known as the Ba, the 8th Chakra, and other names by other esoteric traditions, is located above the crown.  It is often perceived as a golden luminous sphere, and depicted in the awakened state as the halo around or above the crown in various spiritual traditions.  The Earth Star is less understood and utilized, in our search for ‘higher’ meaning.  It is, similarly, beneath us, a radiant, often silver or luminescent white sphere, in the earth, associated with the root chakra, but anchoring deeper wisdom, intelligence, and connection to the Earth and Earth embodiment, as well as direct connection to the Intelligence of the Earth, Communion with her heart and consciousness, as well as that of the Earth planes, the Medicine and Ancestral Realms, etc.  By focusing on this seat of consciousness, in the Earth, usually perceived about 2-3 beneath us, we can feel the anchoring and support of the Earth, her life force rising through us, and sustenance, nourishment, and enlivening of our life experience, through that rising life force.  While some traditions hold that we have this life force wrapped within us, like the coiled serpent, Kundalini, many traditions recognize, this seat of consciousness which is one of the intermediaries between Earth and Sky, and our fundamental embodiment here.

By awakening and enlivening these Two Stars of Consciousness, above and below us, and bringing them into fertile relationship, and union, we awaken and enliven, literally, our Divine Nature and Purpose.  When we rest in the fertile resonance between these Twin Stars of the Self, we feel the pulse and dignity of Spirit, the vigor necessary to be alive and come into our Purpose and Potential much more fully.  It is a powerful state to experience.