StarGatherer, an Advanced Practice, Jan-May, 2024

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Entering the Pure Realms

Gathering the Dust of Creation

Learning Origin Point

with Zacciah Blackburn and Dorothy Stone

Consisting of 5, 3 hour Afternoon Classes, From January - May, 2024
Live, Advanced, On-Line Zoom Classes (not in person)  See Attendance requirements **
All Classes 1:00-4:00 PM ET
2nd Thursday of each month:
January 18, February 8, March 14, April 11, May 9 (or May 23rd, we will confirm)
Your attendance with video on is required for participation. Recordings will be provided. You must be in attendance to receive the recording.

You are not allowed to share any portion of these recordings with others, for any reason, on any platform, for any purpose, without expressed written permission from Zacciah.


We are Stardust, and many of us are aware of our galactic origins and heritage.

We shall explore together, perhaps journey home, gather anew the Light and Wisdom from which we are born.

And discover again and plant the seeds of Wisdom and growth we have come to sow.

The Star Realms, the Celestial Realms, the Pure Realms of Light and Sound, these are but some of the names of those Holy realms from which we all come.
For some of us, it may not seem likeStar Realms.” Let us not get lost in names, construct, or logic. Let us feel into the Origins of Life, of Spirit and Soul, which may differ for each of us, gather the Wisdom and Intelligence of those realms, the view of Soul from a higher place, a place we may discern as Origin,” however we perceive or imagine that to be.
Let us be open to the Mystery of Life, and Gateways she opens to us when we are ready to be open to the Infinite Magic and Mystery of that Greater Life, to reveal to us, the Greater Mystery.
Let us join together again, commune, and explore with the Holy Ones who are our guides and guardians, the legion of angels and wise ones, with whom we have journeyed for so long.

As one of our Advanced students experienced in preparatory work for this body of work:    

           “Starlines are coming, through the stones, the bones of the Earth.
                        Bright Blessings (of the Shining Ones.)

The Shining Ones. So many cultures speak to these as their “Ancestors.” Who are they among us?

So many cultures speak to the Matrix of Life, which weaves the Earth with Life and Seed. Some is manifest in Life as we know it, some awaits re-discovery of seed, re-kindled, re-awakened.

What are the seeds you wish to cultivate or rekindle?

What do you want your garden to bear?

So many cultures speak to those Shining Ones who descended from the Heavens, or came across the Oceans, or River of Stars, and built the ancient sacred sites of the early Temple cultures. We know them. We are part of them. We have been here before. Why do the Ancient Sites call us so fervently? Is it not because we have been there, part of the wisdom cultures who planted seeds so long ago, some to cultivate, some to preserve, two pathways to future times.

What of those Ancient Seeds, those Ancient Times and Sites in which the seeds of knowledge were planted and stored?

Do you know how to retrieve them?
And what of those Future Times?

Are we not here again?

And do we not hear their calling?
Who among us have come again, to bring the wisdom here into these times, as we awaken again, awakening with the Earth and Sky, and the Realms of Light simply awaiting us, to join again in the Celebration of Life.

And the Many await us to rejoin that family, rekindle that Heaven on Earth.

There is nothing keeping us from it.

As one of the Grandmothers has said, the Earth and Sky have already lifted into a higher octave, and are just waiting on us to join them.
This is what we have come to do.

Let us begin.

Let us not be distracted by those bickering over statistics, perceptions, beliefs, or names; left or right, right and wrong; let us establish and join in the Celebration of Life, from which we all have come and yearn for again. There is a realm of Light not yet perceivable by science, or, a realm others simply choose to not focus their lens upon, no matter what facts and insights could lead them there. The Door is thrust open.

The yearning itself is the soil for the seeds which we sow.

From our point of Origin, let us gather those seeds, cultivate the soil, and learn (yearn) together the New Garden of Earth.

This is what we have come here to do.

And, we are so ready to do.


We are leaving up program description from this past year's Advanced Class, for your review.

Join our entry level programs if you have interest in pursuing our Advanced Studies.  These are offered currently twice/year.

Beginning Sunday, Feb 5, 2023, Zacciah and Dorothy will begin offering the next volume of Advanced Classes which is a unique blend of Consciousness and Sound Healing Training. Zacciah is understood to be a ‘GateKeeper’ in esoteric terms, has direct access and clear understanding of multi- dimensional portals to greater awakening and more. The universe, also, is continually flooding us with states of Grace and Higher Consciousness to assist us in these powerful times of transformation.

It can seem unstabilizing at times, but it is about us discovering, grounding, and walking in the Truth of Ourselves that brings us to where we want to be in Universal Wisdom, integrating fully into our lives.
Dorothy and Zacciah have been blessed with direct lineage transmissions that help and aid us to make the leaps in faith necessary to make safe and sacred passage in these times.
Understanding the key ingredients of gatekeeping, accessing other worlds, will help us and our clients move through these times in more and more steady and certain states of well being, gratitude, and much, much more.  We are quite talking about those states beyond normal human perception, life altering, and transformational often beyond the 'beliefs' of normal human consciousness.

hourglass-jwst-feature-s40.jpgFor the first time, Zacciah is offering in more explicit detail, an exploration of the nature of these dimensional states, how to access and enter, how to embody their higher dimensional being, in alignment with our own innate and infinite self. Dorothy is a keeper of Wisdom Traditions of the Great Mother, and brings through her understanding of the nature of Spaciousness and its inherent Wisdom, foundations which will ground, nourish, and enliven us in each practice.  As both Dorothy and Zacciah walk the path, they each are met on a regular basis with more and more in depth wisdom and understanding of this pathway, and the challenges we each meet in our lives to hold steady and firm to the Light of Wondrous Living in a World of Seeming Obstacles.

Because of the nature of the content and experiential training in this program, it is ONLY open to those who have been in participation in our Advanced classes since 2019, those who have completed the first year of Sound Healing Training (Class/Modules I, II, III, IV, or more,) or those completing the Wisdom of Tara Series.  If for some reason you feel your past participation in our programs qualify you, but you have been unable to attend these last few years, contact our staff.  No one will be admitted who does not meet these requirements, or has not qualified as Advanced students in Zacciah and Dorothy's past work.  Please list your attendance programs and dates that qualify you, in the registration.

Have a drum or rattle available near you each program.  Occasionally a bowl or bell may be of benefit, as well.

Recordings will be provided.

Attendance is required, with video on, and ready to participate.

You must be in attendance to receive the recording.

You are not allowed to share any portion of these recordings with others, for any reason, on any platform, for any purpose, without expressed written permission from Zacciah.


About the program:

In the wonder of it all, we hold a beautiful, unique, and magical place in the landscape of this universe.   im-581095s25.jpg

We are more than we yet imagine.

Learning to come to terms with this, to understand, to accept, and to develop “Right Relationship” with the Living Cosmos, is a huge part of Who We Are and Why We Are Here.

These terms have infinite meaning, and infinite potential.

Do not imagine you understand this concept yet, if you have any evolution yet to conceive of in your spiritual growth and evolution.

In an infinite universe, there is always much more to learn, to understand, to experience.

Indeed, these are the principals of the teachings in so many traditions.  Simply put, "He who thinks he knows the Nature of (or the Name of) the Tao does not know the Tao."

And, according to the Master Teachers, and most Wisdom Traditions, the only way to truly understand this multi-verse we live in, is through Direct Experience. It cannot be understood by cognitive means alone, as it is beyond language and articulation.

How do we Access and Integrate the greater ideals and principles of this universe?
How do we open Doorways to the greater principles of Life and Awakening?
How do we embody these?

Spiritual disciplines the world over utilize specific methodologies of entering altered states, and other Dimensions of Being. il-1588xn.4123017346-bw6ds20.jpg
To some, these other dimensions are ‘Other Worlds’ to access, and gain wisdom, experience and perspective through.
To others, they are part of our own inherent being, just accessed through higher vibrational states of awakening, awareness, or insight.

In the Buddhist Realms alone, there are multiple ‘Pure Lands’ that inhabit the ‘mind realms.’

In Buddhist understanding, those who inhabit these Pure Lands, bring us wisdom and teaching when we are ready to receive it. And, in the highest lessons, we come to learn those Beings are but part of ourselves, bringing those teachings so that we may finally meet and merge with OurSelves again.  To awaken that which, in actuality, is already within.

There are also ‘lower realms.’

“Lower” is a term fundamentally related to ‘location,’ as in the Heart or Body of the Earth.

a-rose-made-of-galaxies-highlights-hubbles-21st-anniversary-2177974s30.jpgMany shamanic based cultures find the Medicine Allies, Ancestral Beings, and Elemental Kingdoms in the Earth Realms or the UnderWorld.

Yet there are many ‘lower’ vibrational realms that are not necessarily beneficial for us to explore or survive in. How do we differentiate the astral from the etheric? How do 19sci-webb-pillars-01-accessing.jpgwe insure access only to the most pure and pristine states of being?

We do have responsibility and choice in how we conduct ourselves in this world and the next.

And for those of us who are practitioners, how we conduct ourselves, and escort others into these ‘Other Worlds’ also has consequence.
Are we making an impact on the world around us, or do we perceive the world and cosmos as more impacting us?
We have responsibility and choice in the outcome of our actions and choice.

How do we conduct ourselves,


How do we conduct others into these worlds of divine exploration?

For these reasons, we can open these trainings only to those who have a clear understanding of the principles of integrity necessary to meet this level of wisdom.

Personal and professional responsibility, and understanding of those responsibilities and outcomes when not met, are mandatory to the practice.  So, come with a clear and pure heart, clear and pure intentions and a clear slate, open space and awareness to receive the teachings at the deepest level of your soul.

Zacciah has refrained from full explanations and explorations of these principles and techniques for much of his life, out of extraordinary respect for the vast potentials we open, and hold, and the consequences of our actions if we do not apply these principles rightly. He has been asked to share these more directly. We will explore these principles and practices in this special series designed for our Advanced Groups.

Dorothy will bring her incredible gifts of Wisdom, Grace, and Clarity, as well as the Voice of aspects of the Great Mother, and the Great Mystery, which she holds within her, and which readily she opens as a vessel for these to pass through her.  

We hope to provide and promote understanding, principles and methodologies in ways perhaps not yet expressed or explored in the body of this work.


About the Instructors  Zacciah Blackburn & Dorothy Stone
Zacciah Blackburn is the Director of Sunreed Instruments and The Center Of Light, and is one of the most experienced instructors in Therapeutic Sound Healing in the world, involved in the field of consciousness studies, healing music, sound and shamanic practices for almost 50 years. He is a gifted intuitive, trained in classical healing and shamanic traditions, and sacred sound cultures. He teaches internationally, and practices in Vermont, USA. His work focuses on therapeutic sound, spiritual development, indigenous wisdom, and Earth mysteries. Zacciah utilizes sound coupled with sacred intention as a therapeutic tool, in mystical settings, for personal healing and transformation, in private therapies and workshop programs, providing illumined expertise in esoteric practices. He conducts tours worldwide of sacred sites, utilizing & sharing his wisdom and skills for Earth healing rituals with participants, incorporating sacred sound. 

 Dorothy Stone is Co-Executive Director at Sunreed Instruments and the Center of Light.Dorothy has been working in the area of health and wellness for over 40 years. Her background includes allopathic medicine, as well as decades in multiple therapeutic modalities, including sound, healing and consciousness.
Dorothy partners with Zacciah to bring forward the voice of the sacred feminine through sacred sound transmissions. Their co-creative energies bring forth a field of sound that facilitates and allows for the elevation of an individual’s meditative experience, and allows for a field of potential that holds the promise of sacred Union with the energies of transformation. Their merging of the seen and unseen worlds fosters a deeper understanding of our role in humanity’s journey into higher octaves of reality.